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  • To add fuel to the fire: you can reset cd of glyphed skill if you remove the rune while casting skill (IF that skill doesn't force you to enter battle mode). For most classes, it simply allows them to have instant resetting teleportation spell. However, barb entering arena can have ALL the effects of CB at once (which last…
  • The latest expansion also contains new skills (you'll probably forget the "op sin problem" because of barbs and seekers) and renewed faction base with new quests. These quests allow farming r8r2 resources (although I don't know, why anyone in pwi version of game would ever need them) and S-card sets. Just to mention,…
  • Thanks, thought so. Venos seem rather exited with those adds, so they are actually choosing between damage and Chi increase (or whatever else they have).
  • I think, there was patch in China not so long ago, it had something to do with Ice Bullet, probably they fixed duration with Argent. How much damage does PvE glyph (sorry, can't remember which one exactly) add in comparison with the one, which adds overall damage? Does it worth it? I know, it depends on gear, but anyway.
  • So glad someone finally posted in SB topic. One of the glyphs (red I think) makes the amp always happen IF you have 3T while NOT in reaper form, it also raises chance of healing (the higher rune level, the higher the chance); and makes both effects always happen while reaper. Could you test ice bullet for seal effect, does…