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  • THIS SUCKS medals selling for 70m or more is ridiculous. Hope you're happy NOT so "perfect" world. No action is being taken to return medals or add them anywhere else. Just keep pulling us along waiting for weeks for information selfish pwi *** holes.
  • Alright Burnout if you actually did sell a medal for 100m (DOUBT IT) then gratz for ripping off incredibly stupid person they deserve it. Harshland server fail? b:surrender
  • Hello LOSER, Medals will be back a lot sooner than you think... and when they do you'll still have yours because no way people are going to pay 95m. Worst possible thing they can do is stick them back in the boutique for 25 gold = about 25m. I call BS if you think you are actually good at merchanting making your…
  • Last day of rank and chip sale...no medals of glory. They say they were worried about how many medals were getting sent out into the server along with the exploit... Well who cares! Most of the people getting these medals were using them for their own use and not reselling. Sticking them back in the cash shop is just a…
  • It really is pathetic how we haven't gotten any more info on this. Medals aren't back, the chip sale is ending in a week, and all these people are pissed off (including myself). b:angry
  • I recently had to redownload the game and the same thing happened to me. I am able to play now so here is what I did. 1. In the task manager make sure to end the process for "launcher" if it's in there from when you opened it earlier. 2. Next I went to C: drive and deleted all perfect world folders including the main…
  • Taking out medal of glory from dq rewards is just plain stupid. This is hurting people more than those who learned to make them tradeable. Wtf is the difference between people buying the actual medals or buying the dq points. Now the people who took time to farm their own dq points are unable to get medals. Such a sad…