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  • How we live our lives is of course how we spend our time. Think about it.
  • Anyone else today more than ever, experiencing problem logging in game today or screen going black..or .....What a waste of time!
  • I play on Tidewell and yes it is a disruption of our playing time. But, thank goodness they are hopefully repairing the various problems. I do wish they would tell us the kind of repairs being worked on like in the past. Also they would ask what if any problems we are having so they can be addressed. Because it is the…
  • OMG, bragging about stealing spots, and killing people just because....He/She obviously is a sad little man (or woman) in real life, playing a game to continue to build up his/her ego. That they lack in real life. Most people I ask if I can join a squad, invite me and I do my share/ help them and get my mobs done. There…
  • Not always been low drop rates, what makes the difference is now for few years what drops has almost no coin value. We used to get coins for DQ drops and for digging mats like Rocks or stones to make gear or sale for coins and even digging flowers were good to get more coin. And actual gear pieces were higher in coins. I…
  • TY obielle, I been doing this quest since opened and know to go find an NPC I may have missed. But I will try again. TY for your reply.
  • My game is doing the same when I try to change my character. Not all the time, but when it does, it goes crazy! It Not my PC. Although, some of my friends are updating their video cards and said it helps.
  • Cant sell a Starchart. So to get rid of one, just open your starchart and feed to it. Read the instructons on your starchart opening.
  • I agree and btw I used 1 toon to earn coins to buy my Refines. Since the last big upset when people left due to losing there faction bases, resulting in prices in catshops became so high average playing can hardly pay for needed items. So I started using Jolly Jones and and started saving coins to continue to play and up…
  • tideborn20090, I have only 1 toon. Be careful what you say not everyone does the multible bot thing. You are insulting because you say things without using your brains. lol Feel sorry for you. Go take a nap.
  • Jolly Jones NPC is missing please fix this. One of the only ways left to help newbies do quests and earn coins. Thank You.
  • "Sighs", what a mess....
  • sontzu, just wait a bit before divorcing your ingame hubby. Rumors have it, PWI game is going to shut down. And when it shuts down, you won't see him anymore or have to pay to do it! See, all solved!
  • Well, guess it costs money for the employers, workers and ect to close a game down. Hey, they have to get the money someway. Do what they want to spend more, more more money! Right?
  • If this is the case to get banned, what about catshops that intentionally squeeze other catshops out or cover up others to stick out front? And you catshop owners know what I am talking about. Sooo I can report this too? Is this what this game has come to, due to PWI taking away our ways of making coins now?? That people…
  • technoplume3, when next new instance begins, PWI are removing some of the rewards we from fsj that level up our Star chart. So do as many fsj you can and get them while you can.
  • beheaxe, LOl making up 500mil a month?, And if thats true and you are not using alts, you are spending hours in every month, is my guess. Tick Tock..rl is waiting! See the skeleton sitting in a char above, is that you? And tell me how does this help you life if this is true? We all have so much time to live our real lives.…
  • Just take a break from the game, and slowly add new things to do or try in real life. Gradually exhange the time you spent ingame on new or left behind people, place and things in rl. Until you cut yourself FREE! I did this and its working. This is how you quit any sort of addiction btw. Also, what you replace it with…
  • teabagg, its not meskaddy fault your wife doesnt appreciate your gifts. lol meskaddy has a right to complain about a problem as does soooo many do in these forums. So when you said that and turned it into a talk about your wife, well that response was about you and your wife.
  • Same old song and dance..with no response or changes ect. "Sigh"
  • I have been saying for few months now, PWI took away so much on how to farm coins to get rid of the "non- cashers." They want $$$ and are catering to many people to sale the same **** over and over again, before they turn the lights out. They dont want to help anyone in these forums and we all see it. There could be a good…
  • I have given up on waiting for help in these forums. PWI has taken away all my avenues to earn coins to stay functioning in the game. I have been hanging on playing average 1-2 hours to see my toon and doing reset BH's with my friends. Now when I get online I feel down and do not want to play anymore. It is very close to…
  • We need to read the writing on the wall folks! PWI is taking from players the ways people earn coins to be able to play the game. They are pushing people to spend money in the mall to buy packs to sale or resale.. And because, so many players left, we are experiencing lack of itmes to buy and lvl up our toons. Also, then…
  • All I can say kittythecat2013, is WOW...makes sense and if not so true would lmao!
  • I have tried several times last week with the same requests for answers. Never any response or answers. I don't think there is anyone responding to questions in the Forums anymore or they just dont care. They just want people to spend money on the same old items over and over again. I get the feeling they are gong to shut…
  • When can we have our 1 alt online with our main character? It is Now April 9, 2018..and month since you said a mysterious person (s), was putting us all in danger. ???
  • I really enjoyed making my own perfect stones. I used for my genie and could sell. Oh...forgive me for wanting to find a way to make coins.
  • Seriously, people ask for help, as if PWI, GM's ect will do something to help you. You need to spend money to play now. That has become the reality in this game. Good luck
  • I remember and this sounds awesome!
  • Great points teabagg and well said. I believe you are correct especially about herding us into the cash box! Taking everything away from us to make coins to play the game. All the ways I found to sale in catshops have been taken away from me. I am not happy. Why I am leaving also. And happy to do so. And, what is fun about…