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  • i only my main char to receive it on and im happy. this is an opportunity not just for ppl with alts but for the little who cant even afford g16 set.
  • seems like you ppl always have something to QQ about. Calm down buttercup, take a breath. This event wont be here forever, and if you think someone can log 50 alts for 5 days youre stupid lol.
  • (Quote) how does farmers suffer more ? lel if i used RL money on here and then get bent over by developers wouldnt casher suffer more? farmers only used time and patience. Cashers uses REAL (REAAAAL dolla dolla bill) if pwi wants to make it easier …
  • Even with nerf coming i still think sin is better. Only class i can see overtaking them is DB. Problem with sin is not their tidal, ya its a factor but its mostly their damage. A sin that stealth spark combo is so lethal its not even funny, sin ha…
  • (Quote) How does one PM a gm on here?
  • sounds awfully like we can only ask questions you want to be asked. Recently the forums has been dead (lack of activity), most here dont really care to ask anything anymore and just take it as it is lol.
  • Now that we have our newest expansion live, was thinking about what skills will everyone rune. I know all sins will go for para but im curious to know what else is out there
  • (Quote) ^ pretty much this The move from 15-20 aptitude isnt that enough to where it matter tbh it cost more than it values, Like 10 aptitude vs 15 aptitude. Its only impact really is the cost and minor tweaking to stats. Im sure without that 20…
  • Idk what sins you talking about unless you mean mediocre sins in general. he has 5/6 NP tokens and yes he was relatively lucky. All that aside with a little brain players can achieve the same and maybe more. +11 is free from spend rewards only thing…
  • (Quote) That sin didnt pay as much as you think. To be realistic he paid so little for the set cause during that time players werent interest in the aps set. Its when he got it players started to demand. I have spoken with him multiple times abou…
  • Cheers i was thinking the same thing
  • None of the entries seems to be invalid imo. If the judges have a problem they will say it. let's not focus on the flaws else this will be more work than fun
  • <3 This, what server do you play?