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  • torp1219 torp1219#5200 wrote: » I am experiencing a problem and I cannot figure out how to fix....I can see the NPC on the map but it is not showing up on the screen....there are many NPCS in the area but…
    in Game problems Comment by heero200 9:59AM
  • I would also say it's almost due. Tho sometimes with how things are it could vary. Hopefully we will get a bit of warning this time. Thanks
  • Their is an email address in my signature. Please use the email associated with the account. You can email them using that. My advise is be polite and understanding. Give as much info as you can or is needed. Sadly as bans can't be discussed …
  • Well their is no reason PWE can't do a share type thing on Facebook etc. Organisation is a may be tho. As for the update looks intresting.. . Thanks.
  • You must log in via arc now. Using the bypass will cause the message. Click the play button in arc to launch pwi. Thanks.
  • @sarahbella6197 I normally remember to warn people, sadly this was something that slipped my mind this time. The EU servers will indeed have this maint tho i think it falls on the 30/31 this time so thats in a few weeks. With this we are likely t…
  • HI All, firstly I see their is a bit of confusion around my activity with PWE. Just to clear up I do not work for PWE and my title is "Community Mod" to sum this up Community Mods are active players that support the forums. We have no control ove…
  • zx81 zx81#2778 wrote: » Using a firewall application like Comodo? Check if none of the PWI files are blocked. Virus scanner may also causes problems. I believe their is some info on this in the sti…
  • anthonie01 wrote: » hi guys... haven't updated my game in a few months... been running the update for almost 30 mins now and there is still no indication of the blue progress line.. can anyone maybe give me an estimate of how big the last update w…
    in Update help Comment by heero200 March 7
  • splendideyes wrote: » heero200 wrote: » soulstormer wrote: » Somethings not right with the rankings. Why is svs ranking based on land count and not points now? It was normal based on land count to the best of my info. However their …
  • soulstormer wrote: » Somethings not right with the rankings. Why is svs ranking based on land count and not points now? (Spoiler) Edit my bad sorry svs I'm wrong. Yes it's correct what u are saying.
  • I don't think we have an updated checklist to say now. The most up to date list will be the direct wiki it's self. Thanks.
  • Come on please, if you want to argue make another thread. Nice to see a bit of activity on here and thanks for the heads up.
  • Inactive, PWE pulled this a long time ago with a we will be putting in a new system soon. As I said this was a long time ago and a lot of hope for this was lost. Thanks.
  • Closing thread in prep for new code thread. Thanks.
  • I'm half on side of relaunching the players tw season, Tho with no rewards this seams rather down to luck. The same is true for events. I have no problem doing so but I'll be fair a bit of GM support would be a wonder. As for the trials this r…
  • cbanananf wrote: » tw maps were supposed to be reset on Jan 16... will they be reset soonish? Their was never a reset date given only a season end date. Thanks.
  • You get a message from ur isp saying u spent over 1000 hours in games. Thanks.
  • Try the repair arc function and see if that helps. It's also worth noteing the other problems from this forum on this topic as well tho. Thanks.
  • nbreaking wrote: » Oh, another thing, they were giving away 50 event gold per tier, i got 100 event gold (they sent me tier 1 and 2), and now they sent me tier 3 and they changed it to 10 event gold lol... my wife got tier 1, 10 event gold... S…
  • sjampie wrote: » Finally some more QQ. Maybe now it's time to close this thread and start a new one with codes only. Yer I have a few things to sort out. However this is on my list.
  • Their have been a lot of High pings and DCs reported in the last week or so. Nothing from the Server end seams to be a problem tho, It may be worth restarting your router if you have not done so for a while. Hopefully that will give some resol…
  • I'm not showing any issues with the servers. Tho I can see your post is a little older than I thought. I'm assuming things are back to normal now. Thanks .
  • I dont have any contacts ATM for PWE, Please log this issue with support, However im sure this type of problem is being monitored by PWE. Thanks.​​
  • All clients need to log in via arc. You have to close arc and log in via the other account for a second to be online. In short you need to Log ARC on the account your logging in and launch the game from ARC, or it will fail. Thanks.​​
  • hammyjue wrote: » I just spent 2hours in xNW and scored little over 10k points and it told me that i didnt score enough and didnt win any battles. My brother on the other hand, also played 2 hours and scored less than 8k points and tokens. please …