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  • Name : FlGHT Server : Tideswell UI Shot Beauty errr Mug Shot Timestamp Now, let me put a smile on that face. Save your current character's ini. Now open that text file and copy paste the contents and pm it to the GM. So GM can just copy-paste and see how the ini looks to confirm your legit char look. Problem is if you try…
  • @tricksie Yes.. Accurate picture for this promo
    in Spend promo Comment by gouken1 May 2017
  • This promo is nothing but an insult to everyone who was doing NP promo, or wanted to do, an insult to majority of CS'ers and player base... Months and months, waiting for one Astrid promo and they do this... :D wow I have no words now. and 2200 gold for a random S card.
    in Spend promo Comment by gouken1 May 2017
  • @"kalystconquerer#0876" Thank you for this spend promo. Rather than listening to community's grievances and keeping YOUR word that you guys will do NP promos according to their ID this time, you guys post a 2200 gold spend promo for a S chest.. not even NP chest or card. S chest. Did CN even pressurize you guys or all this…
  • @"kalystconquerer#0876" Its the latter part I was hinting at. You are saying keep discussing this, but we have, at least the ones on forum have expressed what the best solution is, which is please continue this cycle and then stop. So many players who don't come to forum, feel the same way if some GM interacted with people…
  • @"kalystconquerer#0876" u knit picked a solution where it requires a whole change in coding and what not, a change which CAN be possible in next to next expansion of bringing a chest that is not even present in our version but ignored every other post regarding continuing this cycle and keep YOUR word, based on which SO…
  • Like @sawyers said, 3-4 people who are against the majority of people here, are the trolls whose 1st post is on this thread, or random trolls who never saved for NP neither CS'ed for it and they are just here to troll so others like me who worked and CS'ed for NP don't get it.
  • @"kalystconquerer#0876" I think people left a reasonable resolution already. Just complete this cycle and announce that this is going to be last cycle. Instead of 2 weeks, make it 1 week promo if you want to make it harder and say to PWCN that you made it harder for people. Also convey that promos were announced in a way…
  • PWCN thinks that this is some rare only mmo game left in world that they put a value of 2300$+ (with empahasis on + please, We dont want them to be angry over leaving the +) on some item??? Are they really thinking straight?? BTW @"kalystconquerer#0876" posted in earlier threads many times that Astrid is next card and they…
  • ...... They were taking heat from PWCN but still did the Obscure Reaper promo to make them more angry... Did they tell PWCN that they messed up that promo that everyone who spent 1 silver got that card? And now holding on the Astrid promo which is 1200 gold promo, not even some small amount. Really I dont know what to say…
  • @jsxshadow - If you are at 2000 points exactly for example or just above it, you dont get 1000 coins as reward, and there are only 2 or 3 teams at 2000+ mark atm and you request free 1000 for all.. Makes no sense. Easier can be to just duplicate last week rewards given to each team, which is a bit work for PWI peeps, which…
  • No the earlier promo was Astrid-Althea-Kestra and so on. This time they changed it, also brought two WS promos in between to delay it further and further..
  • Promo posts are made a bit later in the day. Lets see if promo comes this week or not. All people who needed Astrid BTW were hugely trolled by pwi. delaying it, then changing sequence of promo cards, then delaying it further by bringing WS promo.. and so on
  • @"kalystconquerer#0876" All info of 3v3 and 6v6 teams is gone. Idc about rewards as much as our score which was 2000+ and it takes long time to get there considering how less battles are. Please look into this.
  • gratz <.<
  • @"kalystconquerer#0876" shifty eyes... SHIFTY EYES... *fake rage* for love of gawd Pan gu of PWI, do the Astrid spend promo plox . <3
  • thanks @topmasterseller
    in Spend promo Comment by gouken1 May 2017
  • Well yea, kaly is the best GM we ever had. *Now some other GM will read this and takes revenge on all of us cuz my luck sux*
    in Spend promo Comment by gouken1 May 2017
  • *waits for kaly to respond just once to this thread* :|
    in Spend promo Comment by gouken1 May 2017
  • -.- I need Astrid real bad.. Waiting since months and months.. and now this weird thing happens.. Just my luck
  • Many people ingame and on forum have reported getting rewards from spending gold. But GM's somehow are ignoring that thread. Can we kindly get an answer that is there any spend promo active? If there is, which promo is it? @"kalystconquerer#0876" kindly answer please. Please for the love of all that is holy QQ
  • @"kalystconquerer#0876" - I hereby summon the helpful kal and tell us that, did pwi start a spend promo and forgot to announce? and when is next spend promo for NP :neutral:
  • On your words, after midday PST, going to spend 125 gold again.. and wait for rewards. Rage or thank you reply incoming. Spent 125 gold on a char, got nothing, spent 125 gold again on 2 different chars and got nothing.. Dont wanna try 4th time and lose again.. *waits for midday PST* Also if anyone else spends gold after…
  • Sweetiebot pls display server status. ty Fictional Character will be Batman