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  • No, don't ignore what he said, it is absolutely true. Unless you are from Europe, you're going to find the times abysmal. We got screwed royally. I essentially cannot do anything at all besides dailies anymore. CM, you can dispute me all you want bu…
  • Overall, I'm disliking this whole move. The times don't work worth a damn for me and I'm having trouble keeping interest in playing. I had a nice routine set up for doing all my normal dailies and can't seem to get back in my groove yet. I'd bail fr…
  • That would be interesting, we'd have a good ping and theirs would get worse while the event times would be better for them and worse for us. Cool, then everyone equally loses something lol
  • I'll be there.... I'll be relatively ineffective but I'll be there
  • Also, 4pm on a Friday for NW? Not with any normal working hours. Apples and oranges comparison bringing up their prior "hardships" and a weak one at that.
  • For the record to show where I stand in terms of pvp, I can count maybe 10 times perhaps I've been red named and likely half were by mistake. That said I play on a pvp server for the danger factor, that I have to keep my eyes open and watch for peop…
  • And look at what that has done to your ability to communicate, perhaps those of us in HL want to be able to be understood still. Bottom line, placing those of us from Harshlands into an EU server is asinine and places us at a distinct disadvantage …
  • Got it and of course it's Linus. Now to attempt to do this with more offline than online time. Challenge accepted, you evil game.
  • I've actually been able to do the paperclip world quest, fbqs and half of primal through this mess lol. Do I get a free S card if I can't grab the Wraith Hunter quest in the 15 minute window?
  • If for no other reason it's a fun name to have above your head lol. Made a young mobster looking DB the other day named MarsCapone too. Make all these damn alts because I have a fun idea for either a look or a name and then never use them lol. Tri…
  • and politically connected, he's the mayor of South Archosaur and assistant advisor to the elder (or whatever similar nonsense I end up typing when I use him)
  • ok, not something I exactly put very much effort into lol. The name came to me so I had to use it. Rarely bring him out, just occasionally to wander through where people are pvping to "scold" them for their bad behavior. So the look I want…
  • Can absolutely be made, I made one like that and named him SirLoinOBeef.
  • Nope, not even close. I either have made some silly looking things or girls. Can't seem to be serious when I make a guy toon and making it look like me would...well...like me be boring looking.
  • Go out my flock, go and gather up those who have wandered from the herd. In other news, lamb chops in the cafeteria tonight!
  • What annoys me about trolls, isn't what they want to annoy me and what they get off on by being annoying. What annoys me about them is they sit there, smile and laugh to themselves about how clever they are and "oh boy, look how stirred up I go…
  • My number would be very excessive as I work from home and keep it up on a screen all day while I work.
  • Although at this point, might as well let them get the annoying chatter out of their system as this forum is a lame duck now lol
  • SweetieBot, what will you do now? Go on a cruise? Become a successful CEO? Is it you that is buying PWI?
  • Please write in something resembling a language Mr. FailBeast.
  • Note to self: stay far far far far away from Mercilios lol
  • add almost another 400 so more than enough to wipe up my weak 644 b:chuckle
  • too bad there wasn't a punishment GMs could put on toons in which they become white named regardless of level and can even be hit in SZ
  • Nice to know they fly high, maybe figure out the timing and drag over something like Jewelscalen to Aoe kill them without worry of hurting innocents or catshops.
  • Awesome, that will end up putting me well over 1000, I'll be unstoppable....except that others will be likely 1200+ lol
  • I'm reading it as Synth is saying he'd use the tideform to gather mobs up quick, change back to the regular form and then kill them all in one shot. Seems useful to me, pretty much what I do on the land with my BM. But despite having an alt of each…
  • I haven't tried it yet as I wanted to wait and see what happens with this.
  • There is different music depending on the order you're in? Damn you for likely making me turn the sound back on out of curiousity!
  • **** that, I can't keep track of the times of this nonsense. Have missed a ton of them because of the time screwups, stood around for ones that never happened and now they occur unscheduled when I can't do it. I give up.
  • I seem to be the only oddball that plays this with the sound off, of course the only odd thing about me I'm sure............