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  • It's only 500? Fuzzy is shocked. Panda thought it would be $750! -closed-
    in New Sales? Comment by fuzzywuzz May 2013
  • Indeed they do which would by why the panda is placing it there. -moved-
  • As it stands now as far as Fuzzy knows, there are no plans for a new server anytime soon. -closed-
    in New server Comment by fuzzywuzz May 2013
  • He may not be inside an instance but since it is needed to complete the first 5 stages of the PQ to spawn Tanso it would make it interesting to see him added to the list.... panda just saying.... A mix of Warsong boss's that added other pavilions instead of just metal and water might be interesting, as might AEU ones. The…
  • Not asking for what instances you might imagine need reworked into something new, Fuzzy is just curious which of the currently existing boss's you might prefer to hunt... yeesh.. does every answer to a question someone asks the community need to come with a "revamp this or that" answer? b:shutup
  • Indeed the quote is the truth of the matter as Fuzzy sees it to answer the OP. However, panda would like to see a new thread on perhaps what might keep things interesting. If you have an idea, try this thread. -closed-
  • Just keep you eyes open every Wednesday morning and wait... there is nothing else the panda can suggest, although Fuzzy suspects the OP already knew this. -closed-
  • Other than allowing people to +1 Fuzzy sees no point to this thread. -closed-
  • Fuzzy was kind of curious about that himself..... b:question All rank gear may not drop on death etc but says nothing about not being able to be sold.. perhaps there is a reason for that?
  • Since it would appear Lost City, and every other server for that matter, is up and running at this point, the panda is going to end this thread. -closed-
  • This forum has always disallowed posts in languages other than English. Today need be no exception in Fuzzy's book. The Blessing page displayed Morai as the server to send to before maintenance yesterday afternoon so sadly the panda is sure that this isn't an indication of anything... b:surrender
  • There is already a thread here with a GM's response to this issue, and a potential work around in the mean time can be found in this post. Fuzzy would ask that people please have a simple look around before starting yet another thread on an issue that has already been brought up and addressed. -closed-
  • Fuzzy would point to this thread in which DefenderofDreams has posted that the staff at HQ are aware of the problem and will work for a solution asap. -closed-
  • Allowed to post on a faction website what might contribute to the delay involved in something as potentially complicated to them as a server merge? Why exactly does that sound like a bad thing to you? What would seem silly to Fuzzy is that the GM's involved in the merge are not posting on their own forums a few simple…
  • Fuzzy will vouch for Unholly on the fact that their faction can indeed receive "inside information" b:avoid edit: Also, as a side note, the panda asks you post in English only in this thread or else Fuzzy will be forced to remove said posts.
  • As DefenderofDreams stated here they are aware of the issue at the moment with the Facebook blessings and are working to a solution as quick as possible. Also, as there are multiple threads on this issue, Fuzzy is going to end this one. -closed-
    in Facebook Comment by fuzzywuzz April 2013
  • While the cause of the OP's problem eludes the panda, he is placing this thread in the Tech-Support section of the forums where the right people may see it. -moved-
  • Fuzzy is sure they are working to get it up and running as fast as they can. A little patience may go a long way.. b:cute
  • Now that everyone has had a chance to increase their post counts Fuzzy is going to close this. -closed-
  • Example, yes, 2+ pages of the same people trying to speak louder than the other to impress their point..... not so much.
  • This thread was started with what appears to Fuzzy to be the intention to speak about the Purify Spell itself and if/why/how it might need a second look. The discussion for the last several pages seems to be descending into an argument aimed only at the issue of a sin vs. a wiz. Please don't make the panda close this…
  • It started on the 10th and is supposed to run until the 2 EU servers are merged. The occasion being the fact that they have pushed by the merger date several times now. That being said, Fuzzy sees that 2x is again activated on said servers so this thread can come to an end. -closed-
  • This thread has lingered in GD long enough Fuzzy thinks. Time for it to end up in the screenshot sub-forum. -moved-
  • Fuzzy is placing this over in the veno sub-forum as that is where it belongs. -moved-
  • ... b:shocked -closed-
  • Might want to be careful how loud you broadcast the number of clients you are running at once. Fuzzy just saying.... b:chuckle But anyway, videos do have their own sub-forum so that be where the panda is placing this one. -moved-
  • This thread is being dragged into a personal argument so the panda is left with no choice but to end it. If people want to bicker back and forth do it in PM's. There is no need from Fuzzy's point of view for it to show up in this way. -closed-