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  • oh wait no, they don't want a CM, they don't want a Mod, they don't want a GM, all they want is a.. gimmi it now, gimmi it yesterday, make it easier, make it unknow I *** the mechanics, make it so I can buy hyper, hyper all day with no penalty, give me +500 dex for free, give me a dreamchaser +60 bil exp per kill neck,…
  • PWI has many community mods who work their tails off.. they are unsung players who give their soul and manage to appear under the tailspin of the mess that is accepted today. WHAT THIS COMMUNITY NEEDS IS A CM WHO INVESTES THE TIME AND WORK TO FULLLFULL WHAT THE PLAYERS WANT!! ...or wait, did they just want a stupid panda…
  • or even that sucks.. must burn ppl that I can keep up with r9 players and don't get help from the GM's.. Damn, that personal relationship over the years must have been a burden. Its no debate Short, I just want to expound now since its gonna be closed by other than me... why not have some fun wtf they gonna do? ban me…
  • rage and QQ all you want, give me one other that has had the exp with the GM's that I have. or wait... oops, you can only see them in screenshots.. sad I have only talked to them for years... must be that I fail for that.b:kiss
  • Ray... It was my honour to be in you faction. b:thanks
  • Go GO, I want to pad mine too before they revoke my mod status.. or wait will they just do that cause I spen generic **** like other barbs?
  • I don't need to do it in a personal platform.. I can go down in glory since I have given more of my life to this forum than any Mod, any GM, any CM.. Oh wait, guess all u wanted to do was *** yourself by spouting nonsense.. you never really did read the OP did you. Way to pad you post count without actually having a clue.
  • Wow.... back me up on this but many ppl love to hate, but isn't this idea yrs old? If all you gotta hate is the 3d person sorry buddy, u missed the bus.
  • Untill they crush the panda Decep, you are the queen, no one can ever take that away.
  • Guess you never took the time to read the OP... It was the community that made me a Mod. Good reading skills, or wait, your just like others who post but don't read OP. Oh well, I don't care, I am Fuzzy, you are ... who? whoops, never heard of you.
  • **looks at name** **looks at mod status** **looks at join date** ...yea, u must know better guess after 3+yrs I don't know wtf im doing .... oh wait, who are you? go back to fc nab, that must be where ure avatar came from
  • I was almost reading that but.... That freaking AMAZING!! How many of those posts do you imagine Mod's deal with and somehow you imagine that's what I had a problem with? Learn to read or learn to pad your post count better. I obviously don't care how QQ it might seem to you, and I don't care if your avatar says any level.…
  • TY to those who I have know personally in game who replied, it is what it is... However, to Longknife and all who may share such a view... You have never had dealings with the PWI staff on a personal level. It may be nice to sit in the rarified atmosphere of "this-an-that", but unlike you, I have been there, done that, and…
  • Kudos to whoever does, and lets not forget, MUCH LOVE to the mods who keep with it.
  • Panda hates you too ShortKnife
  • go go go... ask em if you can have the job if all u think it takes is being mature. Hey, there is even an open spot now. It isn't so much bad management as NO management. Yea, they **** up, but communication is key. None of that = no more me.
  • At this point? 2? Who's gonna notice, they never check. b:sad That's half of Fuzzy's point. edit: And if you think the fact that some of the content works, please go back and read my posts, it has little to do with content, more to do with lack of communication.
  • Took me too long to see it, I am sad for it, and still love my game. Personally, I have no grudge against the GM's I have known, but it is all adrift in the sea, lost to the waves....
  • Every CM PWI has offered to the community has been amazing to me. I don't mean to degrade them personally. Every GM I have had contact with has also been nothing but truthful to me however, a rudderless ship is bound to sink. I have resisted seeing this for too long, now.... not so much....
  • Contract? Pull the other leg.. All I did for years was attempt to placate the community in the absence of direction from HQ. They never provided a thank you, a "whats next", an any anything but expect Fuzzy to suck up the negativity the community poured into them in droves. It has come to this on their watch, not mine.
  • The fact that the management of PWI has chosen to ignore the requests of its own players to the extent it does today manifests itself now in each and almost every forum post. PWI expects its players to languish in a grey zone with absolutely no direction or communication from those who administer the game and that can no…
  • Fuzzy is off to try pq1 too see... TY Will, will keep you updated
  • From what Fuzzy has heard from his guild, it does appear that the fairy boxes are removed from all aspects of TT. Panda will ask the powers that be about how this affects the mirage aspect of TT
  • Fuzzy looks to OP... Fuzzy looks to community.... Fuzzy looks to the history of all the expansions. Panda sucks at haiku. -closed-
  • Decisions are hard, but Fuzzy wonders if you really need to ask the community as to the outcome. Choose, but choose wisely. -closed-
  • Who wouldn't like Fuzzy to lay the smack down with a big-*** candy cane... however, panda is throwing this thread into the suggestion box for now. -moved-