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  • yes it is 1$ = 1 gold but the stuff you need to buy can cost you up to 1,000$.
  • stop buying zen is another way of saving money if we dont buy maybe they will drop ther prices. it not you can allwas buy a new car with the money you save.
  • that means were paying to much for this game if yoou think of what you can buy now days in PWI. so drop your prices, it pritty bad when some of this stuff that is not real can cost up and over 1,000 dollers. so get real PWI and stop being so gready.
  • We should ask PWI to send us the stuff we buy in game when you think of what it cost online then they should send it to me at home so I can hang it on my wall or put it in the basement, I mean its mine I payed for it so send it to me or drop your pr…
  • Ive tryed many time to refin my stuff after 300 stones later im right back to were I started. you ether have to buy the draon stone from PWI or be one of the luckest players in the world. so PWI rase the chances for those of us that dont have the mo…
  • TY PWI, TY that you put the stuped Horns back in PWI, and the stuped 2 window that opens all the time blocking me from using my spill to heal myself and geting me killed 2 time now, can you please take your horns and put them in the trashcan were th…
  • got shot from a Archor, if you ask me the cant bitup someone there lvl so they kill the lower lvl becuese there to chicken to fight there lvlv playersb:angry
    in pk Comment by crazy001 February 2012
  • First Gold prices are controled by PWI not by players
  • I think the same there is so many time you wood like to buy somthing and you walk though Archor and the buying price is a little stuppid is there was a cap on it maby players wood buy more.
  • b:angry maby a Law was passed but your asking us to pay more for somthing you cant hold but you can see, you cant smill it but you can see it, the trurh is it not realy there its somthing you made up just to earn money and a lot of it now you have t…
  • I think PKing in cave should be stop completly players go in cave to get quest done not get killed from other players