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  • lucky coins settling down ? whats the price of lucky coins on your server ? and i am not only complaining about the lucky coin price my issue is the DHD it will die if the ratio is 1-1.
  • If the GM who was involved in that issue few months ago is a Specialist Game Master then yea i dont know what we're expecting from a Game master. its the same person who is doing the banned again for all these guys. he banned lots of these guys who share accounts yet when you give him proofs that others share accounts with…
  • did anyone notice how cool these moderators is ? lets not talk about your history here slyn with that GM whos back again to violate the rules of pwi. when a mod speak of the TOS then yea explain what you did with that GM to poor knights players.. @orinj or @kalystconquerer#0876 should take action on what you both doing.…
  • 1 fight to make Origin RQ LeL :) What happened to the Pro and Skilled players !?
  • lucky Guy you got to play the 5 TW :wink: well done guys you did great job
  • Only Vindicate can do that yo.....
  • lel.... you though TW was fun ? with help of other 4 factions ? GG crying about vortex ? and you saying if we attack you next week you wont be turtling ? i am sure you will even if it's 1v1 :)
  • you sure it's working fine for other servers ? because if that's true then i think it's PWE issue it's not how the Xtw was designed
  • Yea pwi please put cards in boutique :)
  • Do you even read ? the Cash Shop is universal across all servers - once Tideswell clocked over they would have seen the same price and then finally West Coast. This can't be simply addressed as "pull down one server, fix it, then put it back up" as data goes across all. Dawnglory saw it earlier because sales are set at…
  • depends on the food.. if its good i will take it even if its cold......:) lool i know the feeling everyone in this game want a free NP chest/Card anyway sooner or later NP will be easier to get i will be waiting for that like i waited for R999 and +11's :)
  • Now let me try to understand this !! so PWI messed up on new sale ? which only apply on DG server !!? so to fix the issue they shutdown all the servers?? 1- what about these guys who missed doing their minions. 2- what about missing the last minuet of buying items from Boutique to get the spend promo ? 3- what about those…
  • Man how stupid you are everyday you make me realize why Trump become a president.
  • Hoorgin does not have a brain to understand what you just said.
  • well Your leader isnt from sanc he is from LC :) hope you dont **** him off Pawn so he dont **** you too.
  • Just so you know., the Gm's working on that kind of issues, they have no idea what to do. you tell them that you got **** they ask you to contact them from the original email linked to that account !! if i had that email address why would i contact you ? i will simply recover my password using my email address. why we have…
  • PWI need to do something to stop these pathetic players who dont know how to play seekers and keep using that glitch. if china can't do anything just banned the players who use this glitch when someone give you prove (Like Roar video)
  • Bump for @kalystconquerer#0876
  • Dont get me wrong did you work with PWI ? or u working as a dev ? how do you know all this info or you just guessing and assuming !! i dont see the correct info you talking about sylen mentioned the naming and pwi mange the naming issue after servers merge so it can be manage. you assuming that they need it to do it and it…
  • i'm not even a vindi member. and i never wanted a strong faction, but again you just proved my point you always been trying to join the winning side, again you doing the same thing by merging with Origin to win Xtw which is for you is a hard work lol. you get smashed by other factions from other servers and you trying to…
  • Well not every player in this game care about winning side like you do, and what always makes you worried that you will be in the losing side made you move from CT to hoorah and then merge with origin to be in winning side. so i am sure this idea is a nightmare for you. trust me if our problem was the winning side players…
  • players who chose/forced to play a server is not our point here. we just want pwi to give a chance for players to change server due to events timing ping etc its appreciated if @kalystconquerer#0876 can check for us if this issue can be done or not.
  • back in the days you was one of the guys who said merging will never happen and impossible to be done, and what we have no merge worked or not ? yes, so yea without going through all that programming B.S which i dont understand i think it can be done somehow. same reason you give about naming and yet pwi find a way and…
  • 250 get you only 1 ocean, 1 ocean cost 110 Gold @kalystconquerer so the sale just started after maintenance is the black Friday sale ? or are we going to get a flash sale on Friday ? because if this is the black Friday sale then this is too funny you guys putting the normal sale price, thats not a price for black Friday
  • @kalystconquerer i vote for @heero200 to be a mod he is doing a good job and active, and no offence he knows the game more than the GM's so he could be a good assist.
  • hi @kalystconquerer, this approach is so prone to mistakes, you want screenshots, then you are manually going to type out each person's name on the roster? what about names that look similar with similar characters, you can't honestly be relying on a screenshot... PWI must have some sort of data grab that they are trying…
  • Dear @orinj please do not do this to the game... you know how bad this can be abused !!? if you really giving a new weapon with orbs !? i know some players already start making their alts with boundless weapons so they can get free orbs to resell it. 1-please make sure you destroy the old weapons. 2- Gm's should refine the…
  • i will sell you one :)