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  • Just adding to the chorus here that I wish they'd release the female version too. I've loved that set since I first saw it but I'm no serious 3v3'er. Tired of frilly dresses, I want a bada** coat lol.
  • Everyone I've talked to so far in my faction has this issue, ugh it's beyond annoying. I tried the default settings thing but it didn't work sadly.
  • Just want to second this, not that I think any devs read these posts =/ but as I mentioned in Support Desk - I crash constantly when trying to access Ulfgard, I can't even do the dailies there for the new passive items. And I crash randomly teleporting into new areas as well. I'm on the 32 bit client and have all graphics…
  • Ah using wired so I doubt that's the problem. Some faction mates of mine are getting the problem occasionally but not with the same regularity as I am.
  • Hmm... don't think there's any issue there, good suggestion though thanks Obielle. I've also had my graphics on minimum and that doesn't make a difference, except in my FPS. Maybe I'll try the repair option when I have time.
  • In PVE: Gold glyph on UVD for the additional magic attack bonus. Argent glyph on cyclone for the additional damage while in UVD. Anything else is preference based on situation or what utility you need. I'll run argent/verdant glyph on chromatic heal for either the huge-range AOE or faster channel on the heal. Verdant glyph…
  • Haha, yeah I like your vids! And I've felt your damage before in xNW usually to my immediate death XD Haven't done xNW much this last year though so I've been spared from it! :P
  • Lol! I wonder if he knows we're talking about him on the forums xD Some brutal hits for sure, I can definitely relate! (:
  • Thanks for doing this! I'll go with "Moony Mender"
  • Wowza, yeah no wonder he hits like a truck, thanks RK lol, you strength barbs are hella stronk! xD
  • Most memorable high hit I took recently was an arma for... 51,693 damage (was a crit) from a barb called kafaen on Twilight Temple... this was in dragon's conquest against Boom like 3ish weeks ago, I have no idea what kind of gear they have but that was easily the biggest arma hit I've taken in a loooong time, so hats off…
  • This is still happening an hour later FYI. Sick game PWI. XD
  • Can confirm this is a major issue among a lot of my faction. I've had it happen a couple of times - only when teleporting or once when respawning after a death in xserver tw. It either closes with a bug report, or the window just freezes and goes non-responsive. edit: this seems to be an issue regardless of whether or not…
  • CC = crowd control, can be broken into two types, hard CC's (that prevent any skill usage at all) like stun or paralyze, and soft CC's (that mess with your movement but you can still use skills) like immobilize/freeze or slow.
  • One issue reported by a couple factionmates is that the new classes can't equip a Jones' blessing, but can equip an O'Malley's. Assuming this must be unintentional or a bug since one works and one doesn't. Thanks Heero.
  • You're not the only one scooter, I agree. Seems like Kalyst was the last one who really cared about us because she was a player that understood our POV.
  • Been trying multiple times for about 3 hours (5-6 login attempts every 10 mins or so) and no luck, there's a bunch of my faction mates in Discord that can't get in either, so it's still an issue. edit: finally managed to get in about 10 minutes ago.
  • Another Tuesday comes and goes with no resets... I get that it's coming, but what's the holdup? Can't we get any information on future plans, both for pvp resets and game updates? Ugh...
  • @pisskitten hey Kalyst, thanks for chiming in here with the clarifying information at least... as it's been said above we definitely miss you in your role. Your communication was so good and it's been a black hole for most of the time since you left. =/ It's so weird though, because I sent in a ticket about map resets, and…
  • Hey there @themisteriousguy - regarding your faction question, there's a fairly sizeable loyalty point cost to opening your faction safe with the current base system - I'm assuming that's the storage you're referencing. It's definitely going to be impossible to attain that loyalty point requirement on your own with your…
  • What server was this out of curiosity? I didn't start until 2010 on Raging Tides so not familiar with the faction. Nice screenshot though, I miss TW from that era.
  • sjampie's right that you might wanna make a new thread to discuss this more if you want more answers. But just to chime in quick - I'm also a GW2 vet so I understand what you're coming from. The main thing you seem to be asking about it is whether or not you'll be alone leveling. Tbh the starting area (Celestial Vale -…
  • I don't think clerics need aoe purify, but I agree with this statement and would love to see us get 1 or 2 more utility skills for the party on our glyphs so we bring something more useful to group situations rather than just heal spam.
  • Pretty sure I've seen Heero say he has zero contacts with pwe's management these days, so he's as bad off as we are, screaming into the void lately... =/
  • No, you're right it definitely wasn't aimed at me - I just didn't want the discussion on trials changes to veer into something unrealistic and way off what I was originally proposing, that's all. I realize 8+ is very difficult. The reason why I bring up 7 in such a way is that it really is a hard roadblock requiring major…
  • Just to be clear, I was never talking about making the trials "easy." Our faction has put tons of effort into them over the past year, and we've only hit major roadblocks at 4 and 7. We enjoy the challenge of trials as they are. All I'd advocate for is MINOR tweaks of the numbers "gating" aspect of these two, simply…
  • Hey Aeliah - yeah you're right, it certainly could be done that way. Ultimately we were only able to beat it because a couple of our members were able to dual client dig/run and carry us through the trial to make up for missing numbers. I guess the same principle could be applied to trial 7? But tbh we're not sure how that…
  • @skarthos you're the best, thanks! <3
  • Also would love to see the full cleric and sb translations if anyone gets a chance!
  • edit: My specific suggestions for these trials would be: trial 4 should require fewer hex source dispells per room. It should be dropped from 4 to 3. Since there's 4 rooms, currently you need 16 diggers (who are all 100% on point) minimum. 12 would be much more forgiving. Trial 7's a bit tricky since we've not fully worked…