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  • I was debating posting this in the thread that has the skill descritions but i felt this was a better place to put it since the application of skills is relevent to the topic. Anyway i wanted to share some more of my thoughs on a few skills so far: all up for debate, my opinions aren't perfect after all xD Monsoon is a…
  • my thoughts on stormbringer vs a caster/ranged mob or class. Running while casting can be useful to an extent. In PvE u can sometimes just stay out of range of the caster/archer mobs and only take 1 hit. PvP i have not done with this class yet so i cant really say much about it but i think that moving while casting could…
  • So while Lunar Shadow is probably not gona trick anyone in pvp unless the shadow has some amazing AI and mirrors ur spell casts but with no damage inflicted, I'm looking at it of a pve tool more. Could it be used to pull a boss or a single mob? If u send it into a group of mobs to aquire aggro for you, while u aoe them or…
  • i like vit also, and yes hp makes a big difference. however you're only getting +1 to armor and magic resist and 10 hp per vit so dont go too heavy on it. anyway my build has been 3 mag 1 vit 1 str until i capped str at 56 ( i think that is a safe value to stop at) and my current vit with gear is 120 i havent looked…
  • TY just read it and decieded i think demon suits me more b:victory My reasoning: demon passives (water/metal/blood of nightshade) gives total +3% crit, more effective overall than small % increases to the current effects of those passives in the sage form. Most Demon skills enhanced specific effects (stun time, aoe radius,…
  • Where have you people seen the effects of sage or demon for your skills? i haven't found this info yet. I'd like to see for myself to make my decision.
  • i did the low level quicksand maze for my stormbringer a few times now ill share what i have seen. I solo'ed it with my veno main, lvl 101 rb1 full g16. i think that a standard squad of tank/healer/dps can manage it quite fine though. the main problem was that only Nightshade are low level atm thanks to the lvl95 crystal…
  • League of Legends, but then i remembered how terrible the community is there so no ty. Starcraft 2 but then i remembered how much time and effort it took to get to master league and realized just how much my skill in that game has been lost over the 1-2 years its been xD Final Fantasy, dont let me down. Also, anime and i…
  • Im just G16 with +6 refines and incomparable garnets and no instance seems impossible i just meant that it's fun to be to get the best end game gear. And in my opinion G16 can match R9 in terms of effectiveness. I was just thinking that many other simliar games i've played I had grinded and worked to get the rare/best…
  • thanks! I really hope we get a unique fashion set like the Goldfish outfit... i dont know how people got it in the past but i really want that lol xD
  • Its free to play, so maybe people forgot that you still have to do something to get nice stuff. I mean every time there is a code (a gift) what do you see? 1 person says thanks and 100 people either ask for fc to be "fixed" (seriously?) or QQ that the free things they are getting aren't good enough. I mean you have the…
  • http://i1280.photobucket.com/albums/a482/John_Jesse/2014-06-1402-39-16_zps3115f300.png tsukishi Dreamweaver
  • I didn't quite know what a title quest was so I just did one to see what i would get for it... dont really care for the title I got and I'm wondering if I can remove the title somehow or do i like just have to complete some other title quest to just change it to something I like?