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  • Sage has skills with flat out damage boost, and damage amp, so you might want to check your link. No idea why you quoted a post I made before we had the skill descripts, when this subforum has had many of us weigh in after the skills were posted.
  • It might be our AEU skill.They might have decided to add it in that way, since having to redo the chests by adding a new item ID for future runs after update wasn't worth the hassle. So just toss it in same way 100 skill is learned, simple solution.
  • Pretty sure all of us are reading it that way too. The high crit is there to ensure that the bonus rage damage matters though, which is why we are mentioning high crit rate. Rage damage doesn't exist until a crit happens.
  • Demon celestial spark with R8rr sword with multiple -int. That's some pretty damn sweet damage output for APS burst, and pretty nice in a group for skill spam against a debuffed boss. EDIT: That combo should silence the detractors complaining about the crit boost instead of speed boost from demon spark.
  • If we still have mods, it's likely best to wait until we find the exact boosts of each celestial/morai/culti skill before stickying it. No rush to do so, when there's already differences between the descripts here, and what they have posted on the official page as a preview.
  • We're mostly waiting on them to show up in game, because there's some differences between what was written in that, and what the CN versions say. Now a couple would be very welcome differences, but chances are there are simply errors in the write-up.
  • Main things I could see were for purge bosses, to quickly buff everyone, or for prince mushi if there are squishies. While -100% may seem bad, it isn't that big a deal with full buffs and primal defense. We can also just turtle with Lunar Blessing afterwards, or hopefully have it where a cleric can purge the debuff off.
  • I thought I remembered seeing it at 5 seconds, +3 seconds for each element per ball we have rotating around us. So 3 ice orbs would mean 14 seconds ice debuff, 5 seconds thunder.
  • Pretty much every other skill BUT Sonic Boom, I am looking to get sage version for. That's the nice thing about leaving that one out; for farming there is literally no other skill that needs to be used for damage. Every other skill has its specific use that isn't simple single target skill spam, or has a long CD to lower…
  • I know, but that's mostly just pvp anyways. There's things that make that not matter; such as our morai skill boosting it, that 27 is still less than the others, and that I still have other skills to use. So when I reach the point where it is something that will be needed decisively for really close pvp fights, there isn't…
  • Downburst yes, Sonic Boom no. At least not for a while. It's one of the things I hate about lvl 10 -> celestial upgrade; the cost increase is usually not even close to being worth it. It'll be adding about 100 mana cost (70% or so), for what is not anywhere near that worth it for over-all damage. Until primal cyclone came…
  • I think that quest is the one where you go to the NPC outside Dreamweaver area, Huajen. 618, 389 coordinates. Been a really long time since then, just went with the Apothecary quest for lvl 50, since I think that's the one.
  • Can confirm that from in game, my DB and SB both have battle cards of B grade with 130 phys/mag attk as their benefit.
  • Yes, but that doesn't mean it's maximized DPS for the SB or even the group. I'm mostly thinking of the groups for FSP, and everyone doing their maximum damage output for fast kills. And that means DB buff on group, Sac strike QpQ, 90/100% debuff, HF, trip sparked reaper formed Supercelled skill spam. It all depends on how…
  • Thing is, Searing isn't how a SB maxes out their DPS anyways, so not sure why SB DPS tanking is being conflated with Searing spam. Being able to boost our channeling by 20/25% using one of our DPS spam skills, and doing so while being up to 78% damage boost, and able to triple spark during that, against a target we have…
  • Maybe if their Soul source of income was up in that Ancient Devil, they'd feel the same way. Oh, no she din'nt/ Oh, yes she did!
  • Can't speak that well about the past month and a half or so, but since the December expansion for SBs it has definitely been working. I leveled and RB'ed my SB within that first month both times, and every single time I never had an issue with xp. And that includes the first run-through, where I RB'ed my BM to drag my SB…
  • Except that I've been a rb2 100 SB since less than 1 month after they were introduced; I know and have thought of many of their mechanics in the first 2 days, than I've ever needed to use in play. And I can already outplay my clone in damage because I know how, why, and where, it exceeds. Which means I already know where…
  • The Giant Ape is too busy getting some Tail.
  • You're doing it wrong then. Actually having a life makes it easier to get a set, because that means you won't be playing. And only merchanting without doing any playing is the best way to earn money as a merchant. Otherwise you buy items to increase your character. Many times when I've quit, I've thought of still…
  • Yeah, the larger the sample size the closer the deviation becomes, with infinite becoming the true average number basically. It's why I just go with that, because even using deviations just guarantees there is always a chance of outliers that will be outside it. And I'm cynical.
  • The only thing wrong would be automatically assuming one of the slots requiring 9 will be the final one. It's why worst case scenario would be one of the two with only 8, dropping the chance down to .32%. Which is likely why your average is coming out around 20 lower than the video.
  • Truthfully, bad sales promos mixed with bad spend rewards are great for F2Pers; especially if there's a charge bonus going on. Let's us restock gold from selling off past items, at a much cheaper rate. Less demand for it since no one is really pressed to get boutique things right away, and the charge bonus leads CSers to…
  • Please don't reference the useful item with the useless item. They might remove the useful item, just to make the useless one have a point.
  • Nah, everyone is mainly talking about ToS in regards to them not having to have this game going forever. They are saying people can't complain about CSing, since they got what they paid for. That part has no bearing whatsoever for game longevity. And in the past, PWI has gotten around any correlation by refunding any CSed…
  • Sweetiebot please open 750 War Avatar Pack S
  • Sounds a reasonable amount, since we get one given from quest and only need 5. And since it doesn't matter which, the final one will be around .32% chance to get at worst with .04 chance listed on database. Thing is, going that full amount does increase the chance of getting multiple card of other slots, which gives a good…
  • Yeah, it's basic averages I used instead of statistics. Statistics would have a "you have X% chance of getting all within Y-Z range of openings" The more accurate the x number is, the wider the value of the ranges. Similarly it's broken up because averages and such really only tell you what to expect, or what was expected;…
  • That's why I was saying they will be better if someone can plan things out to pick targets carefully. Making sure there is another enemy within range to use as a tp target to get out of firing range will do a lot to reduce the weakness of being melee. You can ping pong around even, with end game gear and weaker targets.
  • On average you've got 965 more tries. Though I guess I might as well just list the odds, and people can add what needs to find for themselves. 0/6 candleflame 87.7 tries to get one of the six needed 1/6 candleflame 105.3 tries to get one of the remaining 5 2/6 candleflame 131.6 tries to get one of the remaining 4 3/6…