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  • I have not seen a GM in game, that I know of that is. I would love if i were to see a GM in game. That would actually be kind of cool. b:beg b:surrender
  • Well, I have a Psy, and, while at earlier levels dies easily if your not careful, they are very good for beating opponents in any situation, if built right. The higher your level, the more damage you are able to do, and also, the easier it is to survive against lower/equal level mobs/players. They are also capable of…
  • I've been playing almost a month on PWI (October 9th will be one month), and I've seen how much Enrage is hated. They control around 50% or more of the Territories, and its rediculous. The main reason so many people hate them is simply because they PK way too much, and its often a random PK. I am a leader of my own Faction…
  • Yeah, why do you think they are going to fix the problem with people PKing in SP? Cause China brought it up, and everyone is getting tired of being randomly PKed.
  • Its funny that Ive actually spent over $500 on this game in like 1-2 weeks time.
  • Wow. They have a sale for Mysterious Chip Packs, Wraith Officer Badges, AND Medals of Glory. This is hilarious. Its also pretty funny that I haven't even played PWI for a month yet (October 10th will be one month), and I'm already lvl 64 with my Psy, and I have a lvl 30 Cleric. Most of the people I know who are lvl 64-69…
  • OMG I can't wait to get this stuff, then I can actually do way more damage to higher lvl players and actually have a chance in duels. BTW, my Psy is not your average Psy. If you saw my Stats, you would know why I say that.
  • I've been playing PWI since September 10, 2011 and I would like to know: how do I remove a refinement from a weapon so I can use it on something else in the future? Or is that even possible? I mean, I have a Twilight Forged Soulsphere and would like to remove the refinement I put on it so I can put it on the lvl 100…
  • ^Once took on Chuck Norris in a duel in Perfect World International and won. Now Chuck Norris has to run around in a War Hound costume, fighting for (him/her).
  • Me and my girlfriend got married in the game by going to the Eldest Matchmaker and doing the Matrimony Quest. We also have Banquet Reservations, which we got from the thing. I was talking with a friend and they said that the actual Ceremony is the fun/best part. When I go to the Wedding Usher to register for an actual…
  • Im currently at lvl 37 with my Psy and was wondering, when I get to where I can choose Demon or Sage, what are the main differences between Demon and Sage? Knowing the differences (in my opinion) would actually help to know which to choose. If anyone can help with this, it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • The Cash Shop can also be accessed by pressing "O" on the keyboard.