Kyia - Lost City Arc User


  • I didn't get mine either. I got the fashion (UGH.. thank god I can NPC it) the hyper stones, and a mount egg.. but the mount turned out to be the ugly hell hound for the last two years. Now I have three of those damn things and I hate them. I want my Purple Foxb:cry
  • I did all the above. Verified the patch/update. Tried with and without the firewall turned on, and still nothing. I am able to get to the log in screen, and type in my information. But when I hit enter, I get an "Unable to connect to server" warning. This is ticking me off.
  • I second everything EnolaGay just said.. and I'll repeat it for you, incase you forgot... It's the DUBMEST CHANGE YOU'RE EVER MADE. It looks down right horrid, cluttered, and childish. We all fully understood the color coding, and liked the look and feel of the text and fonts as they were Changing it to that horrid font,…
  • Trust me, Ironman is just fine. He's loves knowing that we all miss him in game and he wants us to know that he misses us just as much. PWI/PWE needs their most beloved GM, behind the scence to keep it running smoothly for all of us. "Thank you, for all that you do for us. And don't for get to come say "Hi" once in a…
  • Ironman is alive and well, but apparently busier then ever. Seems PWI/PWE can't run without him. But "YES, his loyal fans and friends do sorely miss him in game." b:kiss Love, Kyia
  • Told you, you should have married me, silly! LMAO. Love the pics, dear. Hope you too will be happy together. Love, Kyiab:dirty