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  • Tehehehe, I t00 sm4rt n0t t0 p0st m4h m4in. y0u on t3h 0th4 h4nd, m3 4nd m4h BFF 1s L4ugh1ing 4t chu both for r4ging 0n him lik3 y0u h0ld t3h grudg3 0n him 3v3n wh3n he 1s n0t 4r0und. Seriously, me and my ingame BFF is laughing at you guys for raging on him and Yulk is his alt lolz, I do not need to post my main to…
  • Well this Yulk can own you anyday, and your saying sage sucks lol. Seriously, why don't you fight him yourself? I'll call him BFF other than Yulk, he isn't even really on that character. BFF > you
  • I kept asking him to come back showing videos that he does not fail. b:cute It was really hard to get him back. But he is really not wanting to come here :(.
  • SoWwIe BuT I tHoUgHt EnRaGe WaS pAt Of TeH gAmE, tHeY sUcK cAuSe ThEy DoNt WaNt To DuEl MeH. ThEy ArE eItHa WeEk Or NoT iNtRaStEd In PvP. D:
  • awwwwwwwww your butt hurt lol, so I take pics with my camera? It might flash my screen D:... Too bad ^^. But aren't you that same archer I owned the other day by the way? Maybe I got the wrong archer lol... But I think I owned you that day lolz Now I go sleep. I has to go to teh skool
  • I am not Yulk, he's my BFF and please stop calling him Yulk ... Mr QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ lol hahahaha kekekekekekekekekekekekekekkeekkekekekekeke Deora is butt hart BUTT HURT BOOTY HERT muahahahahahhahahah!! Nuriko, think she is own cause she on PVP server, its not like we can't duel either lol. Your stupid I found a BM…
  • I'd do that to the squishy too :) lol
  • You guys are still butthurt about my BFF in game? I haven't even see him on teh foram. I will convince him to show you guys then o; Lol at that, ew he pinky reddy. How did you kill him? Maybe the mob did it. You are butthurt too about this Yolk lol :P and I'd bet he own you in 1 vs 1 if he have a level 70+, but he is lazy…
  • I will ask if this Yulk since you like him so much to come back on the forams and just tell you guys that I am not him... He a guy too. Anyway, I will play the game some more, bai bai
  • Does Yulk have a 7x veno? I guess not :P He have only a level 28 veno. I only have 4 venoes, 1 cleric, 1 wiz and 1 assassin, 1 BM. I don't even have a barb. So if you think I am Yulk, And Stop refering to him as Yulk you silly goose
  • Then I must be pro? :D yay ^_^ No not yet, couldn't find one my lvl yet, finding one now QQ moar jealous one <3
  • lolz, you people probably are butthurt about Yulk cause he might of kicked your booties in duel and you go on forums to talk trash about him and you cry on the forums. I never really seen him on forams. Except for that one thread he shown to me and asked me to help with thread about nerfing genie
  • Oh, if you want to talk trash to my best ingame friend forever, which he barely uses that character. I always see him as his barb, I seen his character. I do not call him as Yulk.
  • I remembered trying to fight a level 100 and that person almost ownt me, but I holy path and ran while using soul transfusion. That other person holy path. I used another holy path and that same person did again QQ. But I used frost scarab and kept running and it went into a tie. I really thought I was gonna lose D: but I…
  • QQ moar and I play candy land too <3. I can kick you butt too. You sux, you duel lower leveled players to one shot them? weak sauze. I own higher leveled than my 7x veno ^_~. ones near level 90, but when sage barbs i fight are so tough, I fought one and he kept resisting all my attacks, so i holy path and ran lol. I…
  • how dare you call me fugly!? I'll kick you in your nutz and smash it and burn it if you say that again!! >( You too fuzzzy wolf >_>
  • ok when I get on after school I love it when they use bow, I remembered them times when they use bow on me, I go hug them and whack them in fox form. Idiot move, they should of went archer. And lol those few times my BH fails, I holy path and run away I love my 7x veno, I so pwn people and i'm a cutie ^_~. You foram peeps…
  • ok i need to go outside, friends waiting for me <333333
  • and its teh internet, i act immature all i want because i own. I haz teh kitteh, and teh puppeh, I haz teh hp, i has teh def, i haz teh speed, i has teh bramble hood and i haz teh holy path. But *hugs all* <3333333333333333333333 I love hugging teh people ^_^ <333333333333
  • iz at skool, recess time. Can't play q.q, I will find some people from the forums and see if they ingame so i can pwn them for more proof lataz. bai bai, i go outside and play with friendz . And I'm teh 13 year girl, girlz rool <3
  • lia i vit and i own bms, you probably beat afk venoes. I use kitty and puppy, they make me have fun owning you bms. nix is for weak playa. yeah what she said to you. Can I eat chu? You delicious from the name <3 Waffles
  • me laugh you at replying to little trolls, me kid, and your being a stupid pee pee head wee wee crying cry cry. bai bai boom boom poo face
  • me go play and friend play with me, I get teh money from grinding. KEKEKEKEKE MOAR WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. And i duel more people , bai bai
  • you don't look like a veno, your easy one shot
  • cry cry cry cry more tehehehehe. C-c-c-c-cry more. Kitty + howl + bramble rage = hax one shot.
  • I have no idea what you are talking about. PVP mode = duel?
  • Well I never lost to other classes, and only few barbs and assassins I ran from I have on bramble hood, they don't "1-2" shot you, even if its on second, you can bramble rage and they go bai bai Thats why I use frost scarab with summer sprint, super cool when they look tarded when i run back and make them cry, same with…
  • awww sad wittle caster, I can duel you and crush you with fox wallop <3
  • I only escape from other venoes when I am losing. Other classes, don't make me laugh. Only a few barbs and least assassins I run from when I am about to lose LOL I love it when BM axe and i take away their precious accuracy and they miss miss miss miss ^_~ I love it when fist bm trying to catch me muahahahahahaha >D, I…