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  • ohh i dint know that the defense was added to only the armor stats, without including str pointsb:surrender ty for the info Gimlett b:victory GG
  • Yes i agree wit XylolX b:pleased i did say don't start aeo grinding till u get sunder the lvl 59 skill cause it will save u soo much money that u would normally waste on pots while u aeo grind. and im not user if u know this already dont use arma while aro grinding at low lvls unless u got an amazing cleric in ur squad or…
  • I still am not sure cause u can have a total of 24 sockets not including weapon and if i put 24 +2 def shards, u r increasing all defense by at total of 48% (mind u that this goes in effect for magic and ph def) + if u got solid shield and Pan Gu's Giant Axe that is almost like a 24/7 invoke ur on b:pleased at the same…
  • One more question thoughb:surrender what do u guys think is better for a barb +10 vit stones or +2 def. lvl stones?
  • Yeah that's what I was plannin to do lol just thought that I should start buyin them up right now cause I'm sure 24 +10 vit stone will costs too much for me to buy them all at once lol that's all but Ty for the info though :)
  • sorry for double posting my computer froze on me b:surrender
  • LOL sorry I do know that sage have more hp in tiger and not human, but i was only used it as a reference to the skillb:victory sorry for the misunderstandingb:surrender
  • i find the genie skill u chose has a lot to do with ur char than any thing for example Tree of Protection and solid shield r by far the 2 best skills for barbs Tree of Protection will not be as useful to a low hp char compared to a high hp char cause its heal depends on ur max hpb:laugh And also some skills r restricted to…
  • I have a lvl 50 Bm and he is fist and axe. and fists do have amazing dps even before lvl 90. i did actually call my sell a fist more than an axe bm b:laugh cause u kill faster with fists if u do it right. i moslty only use my axes for AoE grinding and once i make sparks with with my fists. fistin till i spark and the using…
  • KK since u said end game and assuming they spend a decent amount of money, an end game sage barb would have easily abt 22k-25k hp(if they spend enough money easily abt 30+k hp) and lets assume they got abt 1.7k mana. therefore arma = ((25000/2)*4)+(1700/2)*4)+5000 = 58400 base damage (not accounting for zerk and crit) Plus…
  • i remenber i hit 61k on arma at lvl 2 during my late 6x i thinkb:laugh but i admit its was very lucky and also i used tree of protection to increase my hp and extreme poision to increase damage by 20% as well :P
  • ohh kk that makes sense, i am a vit bult barb but as u said im only lvl 79 b:surrender lol. so i guess i wont be able to pull catapults anytime soon therefore i guess ill leave that to higher lvl tanks b:laugh ty soon much for u help though :P
  • i would not say they r unstoppable but a very good pvp class. cause im a lvl 79 barb and i have beat lvl 84 psycs lol although the duels r pretty close sometimes b:laugh Honestly i find pure magic to be much harder to beat than vit build (on pure i cross my fingers on my mighty swing for a stun lol cause no stun and it…
  • yes barbs do got kinda really low attacks and low accuracy at low lvls and to be honest they r one of the most boring and hardest char to pay with at low lvls b:surrendercause, for example a well stated bm at lvl 28 does avg attack of abt 400 to 600 and with skils abt 800, but a barb at the same lvl only does abt 200 to…
  • i did say mid 40's with quite a few mp and hp pots. at my lvl i can do it with no gear and no pots and with fists or claw b:laugh If i use my axe then even easier cause of slam and aramgeddon cause at 60+ all u really need to do is run all the way towards the boss then wait for the mobs to catch up then arma followed by…
  • my BM friend and I was just shootin out ideas abt this question few days ago and we thought, when the sin goes stealth y not target someting close buy and then do a aeo attack?? guessin it should hit every target within ur attack range mind u i have not tried this yet but just puttin an idea out thereb:pleased
  • how much real money did u spend on ur gear approx. ?? b:shocked xKat