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PWI needs to really block bulling to stop losing customers

survsurv Posts: 21 Arc User
edited May 2015 in Chronicles
For about a year, i have watched at least 30-40 people quit because of a few really bad bulliing in game and can not believe the gms actually care about there J O B. If u lose a bunch of good people over a few bad bullying jerks how can u garrentee u job. Wake up and please . -snip- and a few others are really like rotten apples. I have never seen a game run so poorly. PWI u really had something here and the only thing i can figure its only as good as the people running it. Sadly ill stay but its just a matter of time ....
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  • Zoldi - MoraiZoldi - Morai Posts: 1,595 Arc User
    edited May 2015
    Sadly you name people in a way that is not allowed on forums, so your thread will be close qnd become useless. And you didn't even say what those meanies do exactly and what you expect from PWE
    Good luck
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  • opkossyopkossy Posts: 11,177 Community Moderator
    edited May 2015
    The above.

    This isn't even a suggestion, really. Just a complaint. If you have an issue with them and proof that they're violating ToS, submit a ticket to report them and include your evidence.
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