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No rewards from Smoke over Archo event

Ostara - Lost CityOstara - Lost City Posts: 49 Arc User
edited May 2015 in General Discussion
I finally hit lvl 80 and did the first part of the event..got exp for it after I turned in the quest. Then I went for the boss when the quest popped up. It spawned and I damaged it with a full page of damage. But when the boss died I didn't receive a reward. I have a quest for the Wraith Siege Plan. I was nearby when the boss died.

Did I need to be right next to the boss when it died? I was still in attack range(I put on Searing Moonlight to continuously hit the boss).
Here is proof of my damage and the lack of quest completion.

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  • Demodude - DreamweaverDemodude - Dreamweaver Posts: 397 Arc User
    edited May 2015
    Had you done the event earlier in the same day? You can only get rewards once a day and that may be why.

    If that is not the case, then I don't know what would have cause that. Sorry I can't be of any more help
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  • NRGLG - Heavens TearNRGLG - Heavens Tear Posts: 393 Arc User
    edited May 2015
    It's a random bug. Some days the event works fully, some days half of it works, others it doesn't at all.

    I've had the first part work and the boss part not. I've had the first part not work and the boss part did. Then I've had both work and I've had neither work. It's totally random and there is no correlation to anything because I don't do anything any different each day. Others I've talked to have stated that it is random for them as well. Although, overall, it works more often than not.
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  • CapnK - SanctuaryCapnK - Sanctuary Posts: 1,166 Arc User
    edited May 2015
    You get zero, one, or two rewards from attacking the boss. I have not found any way to guarantee that you get a reward.
  • Ostara - Lost CityOstara - Lost City Posts: 49 Arc User
    edited May 2015
    I didn't even get the quest to complete. And the only time I did the event today was tonight.
    Well this sucks I guess I'll try again tomorrow.
  • Poopinpanto - Heavens TearPoopinpanto - Heavens Tear Posts: 274 Arc User
    edited May 2015
    **Predicts a mail reward that will provide all PW players with all the crystals**

    **Predicts soon after a arc code reward with all the crystals for idiots that log in on wrong toon and go boo hoo hoooooo.**
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