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Stat question

silverbotsilverbot Posts: 21 Arc User
edited June 2015 in Barbarian
Ive been thinking. When you put all your necessary str and dex to use all HAs and axes/hammers, you should have about 150 points left. If you distribute to vit, thats about 2500 hp with tiger form and buff its goes around 3800.
For my badly equipped barb thats the difference of 11k hp and 15k hp.
Before I reawakened, I did a full vit stat build, on my RB1 I did full str. So far I cant say Ive missed those 150vit points. So on my rb2 im left with the stat dilema again.
Should I go full str, full vit or put lots of dex?
For now Vit would give me considerable amount of hp, but refining and sharding would make it useless in the long run. Also im not a guy that uses Arma(atleast i dont find it usefull in my current state).
Str gives a serious boost in dmg(wich I really enjoy), I got more than 50% dmg output and i imagine that numbers get dramatic with better weapons.
And finally agility - because i saw some videos of Joe with claw build and thought it was cool.
I can appreciate the improved dodge and hit chance of such build, but ive given up on the claw barb due to my poor finances.
As of now i lean towards full str.
But i want to ask. From a PVP perspective, how does the full vit barb go against sins and archers?
Bloodbath + rings probably dont improve hit chance all that much if the base agility is low.
What are your thoughts on this matter almighty masters of the barb?
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  • ballenatoballenato Posts: 240 Arc User
    edited May 2015
    On my own experience... I got two Golden Soulgems on my weapon + Got all tittles done... With JUST 60 dextery... I can get 6.8k accuracy when i buff myself with Blood bath... And it can go upto 7.5k with Base Buff.. Honestly, that's more than enough to fight -ANY CLASS with a VERY LOW miss rate-.
    Thinking about it, even that bms and seekers have to use points on dextery... My barb still has more accuracy than any of them (considering most of them have an average 200-300 dex lategame).

    Perhaps, for archers and sins, indeed, they have lot of evasion... But I can see the difference from not having blood bath, to when I use it... Missing is not often anymore.
    Gotta love having 100% hit rate on Bestial onslaugh, Ancestral rage, Mighty Swing, Berseker's wrath...
  • Demodude - DreamweaverDemodude - Dreamweaver Posts: 397 Arc User
    edited May 2015
    As a full vit barb you will be able to tank lots of hits, but you'll have trouble killing anyone. If you just want to be a cata barb in TW then full vit will help, but for all around PvP I'd recommend going a full str build for the much higher damage output
    ChayalBoded 102/102/101 Celestial Sage Rank 9 Assassin

    English is my second language sorry that I mess up sometimes

    Tempest b:dirty
  • WannaBM - ArchosaurWannaBM - Archosaur Posts: 1,984 Arc User
    edited May 2015
    I am also a claw barb with 200 dex. I have never tried a minimal dex build in pvp so i cant say i know how it compares. I do know that i dont really feel hitting is that much of an issue unless sins use their evasion skill.

    It also depends on your gear. Much of the stats at end game come from gear. When you have to give up some of your 500 str (which is what you get with cheap gear) for dex, that is a much more significant sacrifce then when you have to give up some of your 950 str (which roughly is what you could get with end game gear and 105,105,105) So the better your gear, the more i would advise to increase dex for accuracy purposes. Espescially if you have your dex low, accuracy shards in your weapon can help a whole lot.

    Vit barbs vs STR barbs in pvp are entirely different things. Espescially if you also make the vit barb sage and the str barb demon. A demon STR barb hits like a truck and can 2 hit equal geared LAs or AAs. He will however also die pretty easilly to those LAs and AAs. A sage vit barb with a charm is close to impossible to kill for any single toon at equal gear level. He will however also have serious difficulties killing anyone himself. He will depend on armageddon. So thats a choise between play style preferences. And while it is of course possible to make any kind of hybrid, it makes sense focus your whole build in one direction (demon, str, focus on weapon refines vs sage, vit, focus on armor refines)
    Everything i write is from PvE perspective unless mentioned otherwise.
  • Jagdwol - MoraiJagdwol - Morai Posts: 8 Arc User
    edited June 2015
    Since I ****** up my build entirely, Ive decided to try and do a hybrid. I didnt think about builds back then and I went the sage path, witch I regret now. Also recently I changed my weap and I noticed how bad my accuracy was. So less misses equal more dmg in the end. Im a 100/101/101 and i distributed some pts to dex and I also want to try fist/claw aps build. So far I have 500str and 110 dex with my crappy gear. So I will have the ability to put some more dex and get some from eq.

    My playstyle changed since i started. I enjoy doing damage as much as tanking. I bet there is a charm in being almost unkillable, but i dont think I would enjoy it forever.

    also Im silverbot, if that will clear any confusion
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