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Why Defiance is successful Why Nemsis Isn't

elyse789elyse789 Posts: 17 Arc User
edited May 2015 in Chronicles
Ok, 1: Fatality : Smart leader ,doesn't accept drama knows how to run a faction ( former member of pwi dominating faction teletubies) nuff said because the guy used to kill my poor cleric over and over when I was a noobi.

2: Cursed : Equally smart dunno much about the guy( former member of teletubies aswell)
Doesn't waste his time with drama.

See? There you have two ideal leaders for a faction which will last a while.


I don't care enough to mention their leaders because its pointless.


Nuff said. I don't hate nemsis,I don't like defiance I have friends in both but,I am in none of those
Factions. Just face the truth,while defiance was busy gaining members nemsis had members leaving
Because they got cheated on or what ever nemsis cooks up. That's it..Don't expect a faction which puts emotions first to win. You all of nemsis your some of the best put your emotions last you have the potential you can beat defiance. Another thing, you can insult me all you want but it's the truth

Thank you.b:bye


  • Trollguard - SanctuaryTrollguard - Sanctuary Posts: 43 Arc User
    edited May 2015
    Naming and Shaming...

    "Nuff said." b:bye
  • Kniraven - Lost CityKniraven - Lost City Posts: 2,620 Arc User
    edited May 2015
    Flame Bait
  • opkossyopkossy Posts: 11,177 Community Moderator
    edited May 2015
    Why are you posting this in General Discussion when it has nothing to do with any server except for Archosaur and no other server would care in the slightest?

    On top of that, you've made what's literally flamebait and contains things that shouldn't be discussed on the forums regardless.
    (Insert fancy image here)
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