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SyntherosX's Assassin Videos

tek1nigtek1nig Posts: 793 Arc User
edited May 2015 in Assassin
Hi everyone!

its been many fun years here with you all and many have asked that I consolidate my video's into 1 place. I took the last few months to do some major reorganizing on my YouTube channels to provide easy to access information and just some linkage to fun!!

As I've been recording for many years you'll see my character start from nothing to aps to r9 tiers so the full +12 Deity Assassin I am today :D !!!

I do lots of PvP and PvE and am willing to accept requests for video posts. Many have learned from me on the Harshlands and I am still a Fan of this game and hope it continues to stay great!!

NOTE: Some of my video's will include duskblade video's as this is my new class I've decided to move forward with. Also these playlists are updated weekly so don't forget to check-in or even like and subscribe for more updates!!! :)

VIDEO Playlists: " CLICK TO VIEW "

1 v 1's

Group PVP

Nation Wars

Resource Wars

Territory Wars

Epic Speeches !!!

Perfect world PvE

Random Wonders of BankaiGOD

SyntherosX - Exported from Twitch TV - I don't use twitch anymore if I do Live I do YouTube Live

If you have any requests just post here or contact me on YouTube - Thanks!!!
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