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Most needed classes

dino1489dino1489 Posts: 0 Arc User
edited May 2015 in Dungeons & Tactics
hello guys

I was wounder what the most needed classes.
I hear that healers are always in demand
also what classes are most played, is this information up somewhere,
at what level do we start teaming up with players
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  • WannaBM - ArchosaurWannaBM - Archosaur Posts: 1,984 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    For PvE content needed classes arent much of an issue anymore since half the server can solo or duo most everything. Barbs and clerics still are the only classes people still care about for FSP though.

    For PvP, what factions need is primarily extremely well equiped characters. If you dont think you will be, it doesnt matter all that much what you are. If you are planning to become end game, well it shifts a bit what is the best toon now may be mediocre by the time you have your gear. The differences arent that huge though. If you are truly end game equiped, any class can be so fearsome that everyone in the opposing factions will be knowing your name. (and either hunting you or avoiding you in battle)

    Assasins and archers are the most played characters because they were the top classes in the past. Most likely now going to shift to the new classes. But as i said, those might be nerfed by the time you get your end game gear.

    So just play the class that seems most appealing to you.
    Everything i write is from PvE perspective unless mentioned otherwise.
  • therevtherev Posts: 157 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    most played class id say sin archer and cleric
    most needed classes are cleric bm barb seeker
    i only made bm ( i still dont know how to bm been like 6 years already ) but i personally play my dusk like my bm just a habit i guess but id say in like general instances a bm is a well rounded class in terms of what is needed like tank or damage dealer but again i think bm is a class that you either like it or you dont and once you reach 40+ i think u can start doing bounty hunter squads and PV i hope this helps b:laugh

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  • Demodude - DreamweaverDemodude - Dreamweaver Posts: 397 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    I don't necessarily agree with the FSP statement. All classes can tank toad, and I can't even remember the last time I was actually in an FSP with a barb tanking
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  • dino1489dino1489 Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    first off ty for replying Ive been reading around and Im sure my safest bet is still a cleric. also level 40 Now I have a level to look forward to. while i like diversity (mages barbarians) I only plan on playing one class. off I go
  • Roar_King - SanctuaryRoar_King - Sanctuary Posts: 70 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    Most requested class are Barbs and Clerics.

    I know anyone end gear can tank for PvE and many time no need an healer, but at standard tank and healer class are the most requested.
  • muliermulier Posts: 305 Arc User
    edited May 2015
    sad truth is : noone really needs tanks or healers anymore - all u ever need these days is *amp* - some kind of amplifying dmg - the following classes provide this quite well :

    Venomancer (1 really really nice amp)
    Seeker (3or4 amp)
    BM (HF - the most popular amp, or in other words - the amp most ppl know)

    those 3 classes are the essentials of doing a FAST pve run - no tank required as the hardest hitting toon is gonna tank - same for the healer - with charms and apot and genies ... theres not really a need for healing skills (exception clerics purify [gets annoying debuffs off of the grp])

    from the 3 amp classes - the most newbie friendly one, would be the venomancer (good pet - low cost of hp/mp repairs)

    after that a seeker , casue its easy to lvl (kind of a mage in heavy armor)

    apart from those - nothing is really in high demand or needed at all.

    in the end it comes down to the same answer every other person would give u aswell : play what u like most and like the looks of - pwi is no game done in 1 months - gear progression can takes ages - so does lvling (if your new)

    hope it helped
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