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Stormbringer PvP

Joe - MoraiJoe - Morai Posts: 1,299 Arc User
edited April 2015 in Arigora Colosseum
Check out my latest videos.

TW (With r9rr weapon): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPNUn5R6Zto

Some NW-Footage:


Some open PvP:


Enjoy. Sure, with the exception of the TW vid all those fights have been pre-r9rr weapon. But be assured. There are loads more to come.
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  • PanboyAir - SanctuaryPanboyAir - Sanctuary Posts: 29 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    Thanks for your videos. I don't have all the morai skills yet, and your videos demonstrated how they work. I have a rank storm bringer, and I haven't played it very much. A lot of work was done for me, but I'm finally starting to learn how to play it.

    I do have some constructive criticism for you. In your videos, I can tell you understand the concept of debuffing (Perigean tide and cloudburst). However, there appears to be no effort to sequence your skills to take advantage of the charges, which I considered to be the essence of the storm bringer class. Snowstorm and Cumulonimbus are the strongest skills if aligned with the charges.

    Call lightning and Moonblade are also heavy hitting skills I haven't seen in your videos. Although I might be impartial to Moonblade because I am sage, and it possibly procs dragons.

    I've always imagined stormbringers to empty out their chi because of fast refill abilities, but you seem to withhold from using your chi. I am rather confused by this.

    Anyway, not here to troll or anything, I am learning the class myself. Hope to see you incorporate some new stuff in your future videos, or don't, if you think what I'm saying is nonsense. haha
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  • Joe - MoraiJoe - Morai Posts: 1,299 Arc User
    edited April 2015
    The real dmg difference between the movement skills and lets say Snowstorm and stuff isn't high enough to let go of the movement bonus imho (in reaper form all movement skills deal even more dmg which is another reason for not using moonblade that much).

    The same can be applied to the charges. It's hard to get all the exact charges in any given situation even if you could just press climate shift. The time used for this could be used to pull out an additional dmg skill or CC. Besides that (and I'm kinda alone with that somehow) I didn't really notice any huge difference between dif charges. The most I care about them is in PvE while using the 2T/1I effect of Supercell. AOEs like that one are only good in TWs/NWs where you can always hit quite an amount of people. Using it on the guys from my vid would have been a waste.

    I always appriciate full chi if possible and I am indeed very careful with it. A triple spark can always save ones butt xD All in all there wasn't really enough chances to utilize the SBs capabilities in TW to the max. They excell best when facing dozens of enemies (churning vortex/Sage purge combo for example) as they have alot of AOEs for alot of dif occasions and in 1on1 scenarios.

    My job in this TW was to get rid of their main DDs (Archers/sins) and put some debuffing/CCing on the healer/tank and I was pretty alone with that all in all. In a 80v80 TW things would have been way different.
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