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Returning and confused D:

Kikawa - Raging TideKikawa - Raging Tide Posts: 7 Arc User
edited March 2015 in Venomancer
So after a break I decided to come back and start over on a new veno but with everything changed, I'm not sure what pets to go for now. I've had a look through the forums and didn't really find anything. I was thinking of picking up a Corrupted Ape and a Skydrifter parrot (since the sawfly is now level 83, I think). Would it be worth keeping both of them or switching them at a certain level? Thanks :D
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  • Satyrion - SanctuarySatyrion - Sanctuary Posts: 255 Arc User
    edited March 2015
    Pets can now evovle at Lv100, and when you reach that level, you will also want pets that can evovle as its a huge upgrade to your pet. Both the ape and parrot cannot be evovled, but its fine for a start I suppose, I never had them myself as they are both new. Lvling goes quite fast with quests and makes your pets unable to catch up, so I would just catch anything thats in your current level range. I would still get the populair tank pet glacial walker though (unless you can afford a legendary pet) no matter what level you are. It's also able to evovle at Lv100. Plumpfish at Lv80 for water pet, then a sawfly at Lv83 as flying pet, and final a dino at Lv101 as DD pet. You can of course try out other pets as you like, but I suppose those are the populair choices, for reasons too.
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  • Kikawa - Raging TideKikawa - Raging Tide Posts: 7 Arc User
    edited March 2015
    Thank you for the reply :D it's good to see that the pets I should be going for hasn't changed since I left so that makes things easier. Another question though if you don't mind, even if my pet falls behind in level when I hit 100 in can use the feral souls (is that the name?) to level the pet? Or have I read something wrong somewhere along the line? I tried to read up on what I could during the game installing but I'm still confused by some of it, sorry for the questions.
  • Mayfly - DreamweaverMayfly - Dreamweaver Posts: 6,094 Arc User
    edited March 2015
    Yes, you can use feral soul stars from Lycaeum to level your pets. Note that you must be in PK mode to run lycaeum, though there are ways to glitch PK mode so you can exit it after finishing.
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  • Kikawa - Raging TideKikawa - Raging Tide Posts: 7 Arc User
    edited March 2015
    Sorry for the slow reply, had no internet past few days D: Hm well as long as you can get out PK mode I suppose that's okay, kind of **** for PvE players though who don't want PK mode on :/ Well I will just have to find out the glitches, thought I've got plenty time for that.
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