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still at spending limit after 48hrs?

demonshotdemonshot Posts: 1
edited February 2015 in Cash Shop Huddle
well I think the title says it all, on the 27th I charged upto my zen limit, now 2 days later (29th) it still says im at my limitb:shocked

if has definitely been 24hrs so idk what the promlem is here, I have sent in a ticket but no reply as of yet. may end up missing rewards and/or sale.
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  • Auldwulf - DreamweaverAuldwulf - Dreamweaver Posts: 109 Arc User
    edited February 2015
    Same here, I never heard of a company that *didn't* want your money.b:chuckle

    And I can't find any policy, explanation page, nothing on why, and how long.
  • NRGLG - Heavens TearNRGLG - Heavens Tear Posts: 393 Arc User
    edited February 2015
    And I can't find any policy, explanation page, nothing on why, and how long.

    I remember why the limit was added. It was a long time ago in a distant land called America. A child asked his grandmother if he could use her credit card for a small purchase. If I recall correctly the purchase became something like $1000+. So from that time forward, a limit was set to prevent children from stealing absurd amounts of money from their grandparents all at once.
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  • christerchrister Posts: 60 Arc User
    edited February 2015
    If you send in a ticket and asking if they will increase your limit, they will ask you to fill in several questions and they raise the limit. However do keep in mind that they can make a mistake if you're from Europe, due the different currency.
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