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Seeker or Psychic

rainbow2403rainbow2403 Posts: 1
edited February 2015 in Seeker
I've played PW long time ago but i quit...
And now there are many thing news...
Skill Rebalance... New Primal Skills

So I wonder Seeker or Psychic is better ? Both are my favorite so hard to decide

- TW ?
- 1v1 ?
- Mass PK ?
- Small group PK ?
- Leveling and instance ? (Of course I know it's Seeker but idk if anything change since Psychic now has aoe like a small Vortex)
- More badass lategame ? ( I know it's all about player but there are some points about the class itself so just ask, pls no hard feeling )
- Some pros and cons ?

People used to say Seeker doesn't have enough damage to finish opponent, must have Zerk-crit ?

I just come back after many years so almost everything is new to me...
Please help me decide...

Thank you very much b:thanks

P/S: Anyone have video of Tideborn Aerocraft "Time Wheel" ? Please post... I saw the picture but I wanna see its effect... Thank you
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  • Yajirushi - Raging TideYajirushi - Raging Tide Posts: 14 Arc User
    edited February 2015
    I can compare my Seeker (a level 102rb2 full T3) and my friend's Psychic (r9, 102rb2)

    - TW, can't compare as I do not TW.

    - 1v1, Going as Seeker v Psychic: Psychic can be damages hard by Edged Blur (my friend HATES that skill) and physical attacks like Gemini Slash. Psychics however hit extremely hard on me. VERY HARD. My friend 1-2 shots me, granted she is r9 but still.

    -Mass PK, Both Seekers and Psychics have many aoes and can do mass damage. Psychics deal less on Magic classes because they only have magic attacks, but Seekers can deal physical and magic aoes.

    - Small PK, same as above.

    -Leveling and Instances, Psychics get less invites to squads though I believe they are worth more than Seekers. Psychics can heal when in a pinch and deal massive damage. Seekers can only do damage and debuff. Both in one squad is deadly. Soul Shatter is amazing.

    - Lategame, all classes can be amazing. I am not r9 but I have seen r9 Seekers and they are amazingly strong. But so are Psychics.

    - Pros and cons: As a seeker, we only get picked for vortex and debuffs. That sucks in general. Some seekers don't even debuff. My Psychic is only 54 so I cannot judge that.

    - My seeker can finish some other players in 3-4 hits. Mobs in 1-4 depending on level.

    Also, yes, Psychics have a move like vortex. Magic damage though. It will deal less on magic mobs just as vortex deals less on physical.

    Sorry for the lengthy response, I hope it helps.
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