Primal skills?

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Hi, I wonder if there is any news about new classes' primal skills, as it might change my opinion about whatever going to sage or demon.

I'm already 90, and I don't want to regret my decision so I''m waiting q.q

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  • dat1guyy
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    Our primals are still yet unknown as far as I know. Perhaps PWCN is still making theirs or just released them but either way you won't see them in PWI for a good while. However since there are already some information about sage vs demon skills that makes up the majority of information you need to decide.

    If you plan to level up all your skills to 10 that itself costs about 30-50 million coins. I don't see an issue in farming a bit more for a 10 gold celestial schism before using any sage/demon books when they eventually do come out. Of course the 35 gold Advanced Schism allows for sage and demon skills to be kept but there isn't a point in it since we have none so far.