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supercell mystery solved

Teramat - ArchosaurTeramat - Archosaur Posts: 9 Arc User
edited February 2015 in Stormbringer
after spending some time of reseacrhing some of the chinese webs, I finally come to the conclusion about the supercell skill. The skill description in PWI is not wong, but they missed 2 words. It should says 3 thunders: deals an additional base magic attack plus 230% weapon damage plus 4293.2 as PHYSICAL DAMAGE (missing these 2 words). The confusing thing here is that the physical damge is not only just 230% weapon damage and 4293.2 but also included the base magic attack (like archers' metal skills, they include the base physical attack). Basicly, with 3 thunder balls, supercell's damge will be doubled then the total damage will be divided into 2 halves. One half is metal (as the basic effect of the skill), and the other half is physical (as a special effect of 3 thunder balls). I already tested this in AEU on the snake and elk like mobs ( to collect bones for matrix) they both suffer roughly the same amount of damage.
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  • Joe - MoraiJoe - Morai Posts: 1,299 Arc User
    edited February 2015
    yap, its the same amount of dmg that the skill would deal with other combinations of balls in magic dmg.

    That has been stated nearly a week after the release somehwere in the subforums, but thank you for putting it on the frontpage again. I guess most ppl don't bother scanning through all the threads.

    But it was expected to work like this from the beginning. The translations from users have clearly stated that it does what it does now. We all know that their translators suck xD
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