For Sparkie - Inaccurate Sale (Start and End) Dates on Arc announcement page

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Months ago, when ever we have a sale, there are certain items that only last a few days, and some items are there for the entire duration of the sale date. The items that are pulled out before the end of the sales date is usually highlighted in red with an asterisk next to it like this:

Sale start date 1/1/2015 - 1/15/2015
Item 1*
Item 2
Item 3
Item 4*

*Items will remove be removed at the end of sale Other items will be removed on a date other than the specified sale duration.

It seems that there is inconsistent and mis leading information in specifying what items are there for the full duration of the sale and what will be removed. Our last week sale of Mysterious chips were not highlighted to end at the specified end date and is not in the color red, leading to people thinking that it will be removed much sooner just like in the past. But that item is still on sale. PLEASE BE MORE ACCURATE AND CONSISTENT IN RELAYING SALE ITEMS AND THEIR END DATES

This mis infomration angers a lot of people who are planning on buying certain things on certain dates, which would save you from going through a lot of tickets in the future if these announcements were more accurate.
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