Level 100 Celestial skills

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Hello, I did that Pestle of Celestial or something like that quest, the one that gives the "Mulberry's Aid" title. It rewards players with the Sage/Demon bible that you turn in for a random 79/100 skill. I received the Fossilized Curse book, and I was wondering if it was worth it to learn it? I don't have too high in the way of Hp at this time(about 5.1k) so the damage doesn't look too high. Also I noticed it had a 2minute cool down. Is that skill worth learning? What kind of uses does it have? Is it mainly a pvp skill?
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    Yes, it's mostly pvp skill, but has some use in pve if you need to reduce target `s accuracy and have no sin around. It doesn't hit hard unless you have a lot of hp, it's debuff what makes it valuable.
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    The debuff makes all classes that rely on accuracy to miss (all or most of) their attacks and it also lowers their attack rate. It's great against physical classes.
    It also removes the target's magic defence (it overwrites their magic defence with a buff and then the buff disappears) which makes it like a half-purge of sorts. It's particularly good against Archers & Assassins who don't have any other way to counter your direct magic damage. BMs have marrows, Barbarians have a lot of HP etc.

    In PvE, you can use it on hard hitting bosses. For example, if the tank has low HP you can use this to take some of the pressure off the tank or if you steal aggro off your pet on a boss you can't tank, you can use it until your pet takes aggro back. It lasts 15 seconds, according to the description, but you can find some good uses for it even in PvE.
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    On the paper it is a good skill, but personally I use it very rarely.