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Stormy genie build

XX_Raider_Xx - SanctuaryXX_Raider_Xx - Sanctuary Posts: 51 Arc User
edited January 2015 in Stormbringer
So I have been thinking about genie build for this class

looked at Wizard pvp builds - spark doesnt apply

looked at psychic pvp builds

basically, I looked at what skills i "might need" or would be useful

I have a slightly modified 62/90 LP "Wiz build" but besides that I am just wondering what my fellow Stormies are using for their genie


Absolute Domain lvl 8
Cloud Eruption lvl 1
Windsheild lvl 10
Holy Path lvl 10
Lawbreaker lvl 10

* looking to drop Lawbreaker and add Extreme Poison as soon as me/my genie hit 95 (need 1 affinity)

* might also swap out Windshield for Fortify but not sure yet

* if at lvl 100 this genie gets 71+ LP then i might also add Badge of courage and/or Mantle of Death

So yeah I'm loving this class - its so OP and yeps i am demon too

So what do u guys think for PVP genie builds?
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  • Tsukishi - DreamweaverTsukishi - Dreamweaver Posts: 50 Arc User
    edited January 2015
    Personally, I will use holy path, tree of protection, aboslute domain, cloud eruption, and maybe extreme poison.
  • XSonOfCircex - SanctuaryXSonOfCircex - Sanctuary Posts: 1,173 Arc User
    edited January 2015
    Since we have lunar swiftness I was thinking I might not get fortify, at least if I need the space on my genie. Haven't worked on a genie much yet though so take it with a grain of salt.
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    Because I can't stand playing melee classes
  • Mahidevran - ArchosaurMahidevran - Archosaur Posts: 121 Arc User
    edited January 2015
    (have) Tree of Protection--> We don't have a useful healing skill. So it's a must for me.

    (have) Holy Path--> no explanation needed.

    (gonna get)Absolute Domain--> Yeah.

    (gonna get)Cloud Eruption --> not sure since we have a spark maker skill...but who knows!

    Yeah. This is my genie atm. She also has that luring fire skill. lol
  • Sylvae - SanctuarySylvae - Sanctuary Posts: 1,018 Arc User
    edited January 2015
    I'd honestly recommend going back through and looking at a page listing all the genie skills, before going to the generic skill builds type of genie.

    As an example, anybody check to see if Deafening Thunder and Blinding Sand on a genie have their effects stack? With 40 str only, you get -20% chan from Blinding Sand, with Deafening Thunder doing either 12 or 18. If they stacked, you just gave them up to -38% channeling on their spells, without even having a specialized genie. Even adding holy pathing in, that's a total cost of 100 energy, during which it would have regenerated as well.

    With a class that can stun while running at 15 m/s, I highly recommend going back and starting from scratch, instead of just doing the same old framework skill genie, and trying to plug something in to the empty slots with a static affinity.
  • XX_Raider_Xx - SanctuaryXX_Raider_Xx - Sanctuary Posts: 51 Arc User
    edited January 2015
    think there is definitely a good point Sylvae - going back to drawing board and do some testing of skills, while keeping what I have and see what can work

    like the ToP idea too Mahidevran

    new class = new options = new needs
  • demansfairydemansfairy Posts: 456 Arc User
    edited January 2015
    I don't know if I'll get holy path or not, I currently main an end game psy and I'm used to not using holy path (Have expel and faith on same genie and it helps sooooo much more than domain+holy+expel or faith). On one had it'll be useful to run at 15 m/s and still spam skills, but on the other I'm used to being stuned as i pop it, or right before I pop it and wasting the dam 75 energy. There also the fact that I'll get puri spell making me even more ify on it.
    full +12 SB, currently lv 105 105 105
  • ZentDreigon - Raging TideZentDreigon - Raging Tide Posts: 456 Arc User
    edited January 2015
    My stormy will inherit my wizard's genie with:
    - Eruption Fist
    - Holy Path
    - ToP
    - AD
    - EP
    - Spark

    Obviously I'll remove Spark when using it on stormy. Still not sure what will take its place though. Probably Wind Shield for those times I'm not in Reaper form. That plus demon Guidance seem very nice.
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  • Joe - MoraiJoe - Morai Posts: 1,299 Arc User
    edited January 2015
    Since I got my genie done already...here goes:

    83/100 lvl102 Longevity

    80 dex/80 vit/47 mag


    Extreme Poison
    Absolute Domain
    Holy Path
    Wind Shield
    Chi syphon
    Heart of Steel

    Will probably switch to faith when I'm 105 altho domain seems more appropriate in this case.

    Since Wind Shield can be used at any time and gives a straight 25% dmg reduce I wouldn't wanna miss it.

    If full mag/vit built delete ep, chi syphon and wind shield and add faith, soul of fire amd will surge and/or tangling mire for pv.
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    My SB:
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