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As an early birthday present, a good friend of mine gifted me a herc ticket! So I got him to 100 and now he awaits me collecting enough feral stars for his evolution. My goal is to make him be able to tank as many bosses as possible in the most smooth way as possible.

Forexample the bosses in TT3-3 sleeps, seals, debuffing, and purging and all that kind of stuff. So I was looking at the moods with Tidal Protection as I think that skill will fit my herc. I found 4 moods in the spreadsheet with tidal protection: Subtle, Naive, Indifferent, and Mischievous.
If you have any other suggestions they are more than welcome as well.

But let's take a look on those 4 moods 2nd skill:

Subtle: Reduce damage taken from players by 55%

Naive: Attacks all targets within a radius of 12 meters, causing physical damage equal to 100%, and holding aggro on targets. Amount of Aggro depends the level of skill and the pet's maximum HP.

Indifferent: Can not be selected by players for 8 seconds.

Mischievous: Has a 30% to attract all targets around the pet. Higher level, greater threat.

Subtle and Indifferent is a bit mehhh since they learn towards PvP, and this pet will probably never touch a tiny bit of it. I have my monkey for that.
So that leaves Naive and Mischievous left but I don't have any experience with those skills. The mischievous mood made me wonder if the aggro will be "built up" or more works like roar that resets it and only adds a little bit. I also wonder about how well Naive's aggro works. I don't even know if I should worry about aggro in the first place, since pets does pretty nice damage on Lv? mobs, buut I'm r999 after all so you never know lol. I can't really figure out which mood would be best but so far my bet is Naive. However, it would be nice with some confirmation on how they works.

Also what should I do with pounce? It has long time been populair to replace it with Bash, but is that needed for aggro anymore now with the evolution skills? Should I keep it for stun and increased attack rate, or still replace it with Bash, or learn a totally 3rd skill?

And suggestions for a herc name is welcome too!

As you see I still have a lot to decide for my herc b:chuckle
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    There's no particular reason to remove Pounce since the Celestial Giant is pretty good at holding aggro now. The only reason I'd remove Pounce if I still had it, would be to replace it with Claw or Bless. Shriek (the interrupt) might be interesting too.

    As for Moods...I'd probably go with Naive too. The Mischievous' second skill doesn't seem reliable enough and the others are PvP oriented as you said. I haven't really tried much on my Giant, didn't even reroll Mood/Inherit since I evolved him since I was trying to focus on getting something great for Harpy & Monkey (and Phoenix before Monkey)...so there isn't much I say. I should probably give him some love for serving me all these years before the new pets and gears.

    I think you'll be okay aggro wise. Giant's Gold Armor skill has a fairly low cooldown (15sec) so you can use it frequently enough to ensure that it keeps aggro. It'd probably not work so well if there's some high DD APS person or high DD DPH Assassin (depending on boss) helping but even then, the Giant is able to temporarily steal aggro so that should give you an idea of how strong it is.
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    I want a Herc as birthday present too. b:sad

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    I love that the herc can steal aggro.

    I was gifted the herc and nix a cpl yrs ago by my ex pwi hubby. He was the nicest guy. Well i know a few of them and neither play pwi anymore.

    i can't even tell you the skills mine has. i just send in and tank what i can lol.
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