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Created a new account for my daughter to try the new starter zone last night, but the account seems to behave very differently to our old (pre-Arc) accounts.
I am wondering if this is normal or if I did something wrong.

There was a glitch with the confirm link sent to email address ( gave blank screen with Internal Server Error message) but otherwise everything seemed OK.

This morning tried to login but couldn't. Or at least couldn't login the way I we would normally do so - with a username and password. It seems that the 'display' name is not an actual username.

The only way to start the game for this new account seems to be by logging in to Arc using email and password. Doesn't seem to want to play if we use display / password.

Also will not allow display / password in client itself (ie without running Arc). So if I she logs out of her old account ( back to elementclient) and enters display / password of new account there - just get error message.

This is not a huge problem if it is meant to work this way, it will just prevent dual-logging if we create any more accounts in future as can't run 2 copies of Arc.

If I've done something incorrect I'd rather know now before she levels too much and has to begin again.
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    try logging into elementclient same way as into arc... with email and password should work that way
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    Worked a charm. I'm going to create next account with a less complicated email address ;), but at least we can switch accounts much quicker. Many thanks for quick reply.