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BM forums are becoming very quiet, there are only 10 active threads. By active i mean, you can post without necroing them.

Sad to see that happen b:sad.
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    To be fair there is a lot of forums that are more or less dead, though it is indeed sad that certain forums are deader than others, especially this one.
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    Kitty tried to activate class forums a bit by posting to 1,5 months old threads couple days ago. But then SweetieBot rushed in(when she woke up from nap 5 hours after Kitty posted) shouting "NECROOOOO!!" and Kossy came to stop Kitty's necromancer practises ._.
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    cause i not spammin it lol, I still waiting on a Zan for more videos i requested :P he got 2 classes down. 8 more to go lol I make him work :P
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    Most of the Forums class sections have been like this since ARC b:sad
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    Most of the Forums class sections have been like this since ARC b:sad

    Arc is such klunky and crappy software. For one, no option for multiple tabs on a forum. To that idea I say, **** Off :D
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