Favorite Bm skill?

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Note: Favorite does NOT mean I use it over what I suspect many will choose... and that being HF.

Mines Myriad Sword Stance. I LOVE nerfing the damage of opponents/npc bosses.

What's Your's?

Perhaps is the new dragon rising? HF, GS, ROTP, or one that I am not listing, there really are some nice choices that could be made... entirely up to you.
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  • opkossy
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    Reel in.

    The sheer trolling that was done on PvP servers when Morai became a thing and people reeled red names into guards.... Even if it doesn't want to work when I need it on my BM and always works when I absolutely can't afford to be reeled in when I'm not on my BM (Swear the game has a twisted sense of humor) that early trolling makes it easily one of, if not, my top skills I like.
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  • Madebyvisa - Raging Tide
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    army crusher just cause it seems to zc everytime I do it b:dirty
  • Saethos - Raging Tide
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    Dragon Rising. It ignores purify spell, so those pesky casters with high defense start to become laughing matters as you pound them, finally rendering the class what it used to be. A glass cannon, not an unstoppable (unstoppable, not unkillable) force. In mass PvP if you call your target with purify spell, they die end of discussion.
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  • Nalvaes - Raging Tide
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    Would have to be between Glacial Spike or Myriad Sword Stance

    As an all-path I use GS+HF+MSS on bosses so...

    I like the way MSS scatters people in NW though so much fun b:chuckle

    I like the GS cuz it lasts longer then HF and gives crits which make fishehs destroy bosses b:laugh

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  • Loshon - Archosaur
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    mss because it just has style! looks so bad ***, and it makes me feel awesome when it crits and one shots mages. it's just... an awesome skill and has saved many a squads' lives.
  • Lolgasmic - Raging Tide
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    Myriad Sword Stance for me as well... I only use it when I see someone is about to die on a boss, and those moments make it worth it - it makes me feel like I not only helped kill the boss faster, but I also saved someones life.
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  • Atropah - Sanctuary
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    *watches archer try to kite away*

    Betcha didn't know I was a ranged axe dd?
  • DrHook - Lost City
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    I like Bolt of Tyresues just because I hardly ever see it, also because when combined with Bodhisattva it is an awesome 12 meter 5 second freeze that is quite helpful for recovering a goofed stunlock.
  • Nigelus - Dreamweaver
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    *watches archer try to kite away*

    Betcha didn't know I was a ranged axe dd?

    lol, yeah i think i love smack.
  • Evryn - Morai
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    Smack. Just for the name of the skill alone.
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  • Lluan - Heavens Tear
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    Dragon Rising, I know it's OP, but damn that animation cracks me up everytime
  • Rauldaman - Sanctuary
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    Blade Hurl. I'm more of a support DD, and knowing that almost all the classes are unable to do **** without their weapons is comforting when I use it on them.

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  • BigDiamond - Lost City
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    The rare bm skill Flash, i like one shotting arcanes with it =D
  • Colum - Raging Tide
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    Ehh hard to say... toss between MSS, GS and HF.
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    O GS by far b:dirty...with mire ...oommgggeee.

    ugh but wait there is always *Smack*...

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    Kitty's favourite BM-skill ish Fissure, 'cause it's the highest damage non-chi AoE-skill ^^
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    Kitty's favourite BM-skill ish Fissure, 'cause it's the highest damage non-chi AoE-skill ^^

    This looks like a NECRO!

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    Because necro'ing all the things is silly.
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