Barb's Invoke is a fail?

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Hey guys... If you read the Effect of the Invoke skill from Barb, it clearly Says "Reduces 90% of ALL incoming Damage"... So you think that its All damage, dont you? I Invoked at runewolf - Died - Lost 1 Million EXP (2%)... So pwi actually scammed me witha fake effect ? :P I tested it afterwards with a cleric with demon ressurect again, that way Runewolf dealt the Same damage so invoke doesnt take 90% of runewolfs Explosion and i lost 1m EXP by a wrong written effect.... Can i get those back since its a Gamebug?

By the way, Bloodpaint lvl 10 on my assassin also says 1800 Minutes and it doesnt hold that long and i died several times because my BP timed out :P b:angry
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    Runewolf's special attack is... special. I tried testing to see if it's physical or magical damage. Seeing as expel didn't work I assumed it was magical, after which I figured it was non-elemental, and after resisting it with faith and tidal I figured it was some sort of debuff form damage. The damage it deals appears to be pretty much fixed on each hit but I've noticed that it ranges a bit and isn't always exact. Either way that's one of the attacks that bypass invoke.
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    Certain attacks bypass the damage reduction effect "Bless" such as special boss attacks and DoTs from other classes (Torrent, Edged Blur, ect).
    Also, Bloodpaint is meant to be in seconds, not minutes.
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    Neither does invoke work against dots, the special attack from mobless bosses and the 1-shot from bugged 5 kings. Probably more i cant think of right now.

    It does however keep you alive after pulling all the mobs in PV for example. So i dont think we should complain :)
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    most of the new skills from Moari expansion on wards are all coded as 1 shot DOT.

    For PVE wise Invoke the spirit does the job pretty well. can happily Sit on hands in TT/ or take a slow walk through room 37.

    PVp though...

    off the top of my head, here are the attacks with do full damage through invoke and can wreck a barb in pvp.

    Psy - Telekinesis.

    Psy - Soul-burn ( phy DOT)

    BM -Blade Tornado/Sword Cyclone

    Seeker-Edged Blur

    Mystic - Absorb Soul

    Cleric- Mark of Weakness

    And all the standard DOT attacks that all class have.
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    I can avoid each single Runewolf's special AOE on my barb just using sparks and genie skills well. b:surrender

    And it's not like it would be hard to run away from it.
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    I have enough hp I don't have to run away from itb:chuckle
    but sadly no, invoke doesn't work "as advertised" in all situations - especially pvp.
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    Runewolf's freak out is indeed a DoT (kinda like mystics' Absorb Soul). I remember freaking people out surviving by using just hp pots and tidal protection back when my sin just had 6k hp.
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    sadly no, invoke doesn't work "as advertised" in all situations - especially pvp.

    Dis I agree. /thread
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    Another situation Invoke doesn't work in ish FWS's Frenzy bosses. 50k remains 50k despite 90% nerf. PWI-logic.

    And Invoke ish fail at times. When used for stuff Invoke isn't needed at all for.
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