favorite Assassin Skill?

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Mine would have to be deaden nerves... maybe stealth.

Gotta love being able to avoid all the mobs of an instance. RAWR (I think i love being able to avoid a one shot every now and then even more)

Chill of the Deep is another smexy skill sins have, as well as bloodpaint.

how about you all?
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    Twin Strike is god

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  • Olbaze - Sanctuary
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    Gonna go with Bloodpaint.

    Bloodpaint provides Sins with the ability to solo stuff and tank, which is why I rerolled from Archer in the first place. Only later did I learn just how powerful things like Focused Mind and Tidal Protection were.

    Heck, I can honestly say that I don't care one bit for the stealth. Take it away for all I care.
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    Cursed Jail. Sexy as ** when i one shot something with it.

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    Raving slash.

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  • Colum - Raging Tide
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    Tidal Protection.
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    elim GG

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  • LostPoet - Dreamweaver
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    before patch....

    demon twin strike... too OP...

    after new horizons...

    Sage life Hunter is pretty nasty.

    But Tidal is still probably the skill that makes sins the "Luck" class they are.

  • Sevchenko - Dreamweaver
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    For PvE, Bloodpaint, definitely.

    For PvP, Life Hunter and Cursed Jail.
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  • Pwnallagain - Heavens Tear
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    Tidal Protection <3
  • ZooozOOo - Archosaur
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    pve: bp
    pvp: life hunter deepsting, tidal, daden n shadow jump,elemination well actualy kinda all XD
  • Nana_PL - Raging Tide
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    Tbh I love all of my skills, there is not a single one that I wouldn't be using but if I have to choose one and only I have to say tidal protection XD

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  • Deltasin - Dreamweaver
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    Honestly, while there are plenty of good skills, like tidal protection and bloodpaint, in order to be a ninja merman, which is unique to PWI, I would have to go with Tideform.
  • Samaranight - Sanctuary
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    Deep Sting.

    THE ANSWER to running mobs. While the sleep is interrupted when you attack, it makes them 'forget' to run afterwards.
  • Krikzu - Morai
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    Mine will always be Bloodpaint. <3
  • hypereccentrik
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    only skill I don't use is puncture wound. After 43 more bloods I won't have to worry about it :p
    (Can't wait to learn Elmination : DDD)
  • Kittysama - Raging Tide_1432680721
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    Sage Ribs

    'cause 2 flies on one strike.
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    Sage Ribs

    'cause 2 flies on one strike.

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    Kitty on a necro spree. u.u
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