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Most of you have seen me around or at least know of me from the First years of the Server. I Took an extended leave of absence from the Server for a period of time and back to playing again as of Last month. For Those of you who requested an updated Version of the Building a Tank barb 101, I have that just leave me a message and I'll send it out. I'm sure the same amount of you if you don't know me, have run into RoidS, who I apprenticed for a couple of years, if you want your proof on the effectiveness of my method. I'm sure alot of you old timers Remember the Axes Ceremony Held in 2011 as a server Event. I've retired from the TW field, but occassionally Still pk, Seems I'm too blunt and honest to bother with politics anymore, so I appriciate the offers but no thank you.

As far as some of you are wondering, I'll still tank equally for peeps, just hit me up and if I'm not busy and you need a Tank I'll respond.
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