Most broken class with proofs .



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    U seem to forget tidal young padawan. They pretty much have 2 antistuns with it which is more than cleric, wizard, psychic, mystic, barb, and equal to veno, and bm. Every class lacks antistuns in your case. Nu talky about puri proc either u guys have chance of zerk crits. If seekers had puri it would be dumb because seekers can tank a lot better than any mage class and that would basically mean seekers couldn't die.

    Seekers def buff is over the edge as it gives them a very noticeable difference in def. Can't purge it either because it has short cd. But it is purged they become so much easier to kill. I think it's cd should just be longer

    Its 50% to avoid negative status with our blade affinity(works like tidal) only if you're sage.. If you're demon, you don't get this. So, not all seekers are sage in case you were wondering. Also, same thing with our unfetter. u only get anti-stun for 4 seconds only if you're sage
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    Just have the cleric stack the auras on him and GG. Shouldn't take long at all.

    Tree of protection wrecks the aura lol b:chuckle

    Seekers aren't broken <_< Mystics are!
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    U seem to forget tidal young padawan.

    Dumbest comment i've read in a long time.

    Shhh young apprentice I was just stating that they don't lack antistuns. If they lack antistuns then all the other classes for sure lack antistuns. Except sins because they pretty much have unlimited status evasions got to be skilled to stun lock, but pretty much always avoid other people's status right ^^

    The stupid persists. Please, abandon these forums, limit yourself to things that do not require a brain.
    Right. The reason the class is balanced is because, to offset it's massive dph potential, it lacks reliably dps and control skills.

    Where the lack of control matters less is in group situations. In groups, other classes are doing the control. Who attacks the seeker? Seekers are damn hard to kill. But you cannot ignore a seeker, because if you do, they tend to one-shot people. So the seeker needs to be stunned, sealed, stunned (few ways to escape from this as a seeker) until finally the others around the seeker are dead... then you can target the seeker and kill him. However, if you can't do this, the seeker has free reign to set up the combos. Or: you see a seeker use their sacrificial strike... but then you don't know who they'll attack. Whoever that seeker ends up attacking with that has a greatly increased chance to die. In a 1vs1 its easy... you know its coming to you, and you can react to it. In a group fight, much trickier.

    When I fight seekers in groups, I tend to tell my squad: let me sleep/seal the seeker. If you notice I'm busy, try to stun/keep seeker busy, and we'll kill him last, unless he gets purged then go for him instantly.

    Archers lack DPS and control skills but we don't get to 1shot everything.

    Here's how balance works: It is possible to play the class you enjoy and be good enough at it to stand a chance against classes you should be weak against. The term "glass cannon" in gaming depicts this wonderfully; high damage and high surviveability on a single class, at the same time, cannot be reconciled with balance, if we are speaking of "high damage" and "high surviveability" as a comparison with other classes.

    Put simply, any seeker can pull off a combo that may or may not 1shot his opponent and is relatively hard to block (or just costly to block) and since that 1shot does not depend on how the combo is executed, but, rather, on luck, you have to block it every time or risk losing. If a seeker wanted to be a ****, all he'd have to do is kite you 50 seconds out of every minute, and use the other 10 seconds on two attempts to 1shot you.
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    I don't know...I hit endgame BMs and Seekers for similar numbers anyways. They're possible to take out quickly in group fights if there is a Purge, but then that's pretty much true for any class.

    If archer can ever get as ridiculous as say, veno or wiz, then I suppose you can call seeker manageable. Until then it's pretty stupid to fight that as an archer.
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