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Everfrozen Crystal

xxxsunaxxxxxxsunaxxx Posts: 12 Arc User
edited December 2013 in General Discussion
Anyone know where i can exchange that? there no Shopkeeper who can exchange it in santa village b:surrender Anyone found him?
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  • Angel_Spawn - SanctuaryAngel_Spawn - Sanctuary Posts: 3,034 Arc User
    edited December 2013
    You need 7 of those in order to exchange, and where - no idea.
  • Dspeck - Raging TideDspeck - Raging Tide Posts: 99 Arc User
    edited December 2013
    So santa quest was glitched for days, and now we get a reward that needs to be saved for possibility of not being able to exhange at unknown npc? D:

    Santa was supposed to bring presents :*(
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  • Gyurakzoltan - ArchosaurGyurakzoltan - Archosaur Posts: 683 Arc User
    edited December 2013
    Presents? for free? in pwi? you gotta be kidding...

  • Xainou - SanctuaryXainou - Sanctuary Posts: 5,369 Arc User
    edited December 2013
    The Penguin Mart Shopkeeper is right there. Not sure if the exchange works though, seeing it involves some ingame browser and a pwi lottery ticket...

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  • KingCrash - DreamweaverKingCrash - Dreamweaver Posts: 702 Arc User
    edited December 2013
    It sounds like another leftover feature from China's version that made it's way over here just like the silver and gold lottery tokens that would appear everyday at a certain time of day. And they required an in-game browser to be used as well which we didn't have.
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