Warsoul Axe VS G16

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Just wanna know if it is worth to farm Warsoul Axe Brother of Fear as a Barb nowadays. I kn it would take half year and the price is insane, does it still work great against G16 or r9?I mean 2 stars Axe, not recast one.
Have to set a goal to keep up with the game XD

Thank you very muchb:laugh
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    absolutely not. especially not recast.

    rip is like 15 damage a tick.

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    as a barb you need gof so i'd say r9
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    Warsoul can do more damage... but the difference is minimal at best and the proc on Warsoul axes suck horrendously.

    Even though Warsoul no longer requires over a year of work thanks to Nation Wars, it's still far more expensive than G16 for far a benefit that... isn't really worth the cost. At all.
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    I think it still out dd's G16 but is out dd'd by r9t3. R9t3 and Warsoul are similar prices so the choice to pay the same but go for a weaker weapon doesn't make sense unless your char is between levels 80-100.

    I really just consider Warsoul really expensive weapon fashion.
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