Voting... Rollback or Nothing +10 Orbs

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this is not fair for alot players that buy +10 orbs for they sets and now ppl get it for free? just for a code more than 40 orbs... I know few ppl that got 72 orbs... so? this is fair for all players? nah alot ppl was offline and didn't get any orb... rollback it!


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    People are completely exaggerating with the number of orbs people got. The max I saw any given one player got on my server was less than 16.
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    yes this is unfair and unjust for many i myself have 4 pieces that i have +10 on my armors that i legitly paid for from the boutique or purchased from other players, for those that are bad at math thats 12 dragon orb ocean i.e 400$ that ppl r now doing for free, this is ridiculous. i can understand the 3 that were sent to player accounts as compensation, w/e thats fine, but a full set all +10 for the low low price of say 100 ish mirage celestones, no bueno man thats not cool at all
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    I paid for mine and don't really care if people get for free will be new gear with expansion and wont transfer so all new then anyway . Yes was a problem some got many some got none but as with the sfc some dint get some did and game went on same way with the MOG glitch that so many used to get r9 and so on and so on.

    Was a nice jester and helped some but what I'm seeing is most complaining are ones that were OP and some that though they were. Get over it and continue playing in reality I see same people gank pvp at west and silver as before nothing has changed.

    Many quit when rank gear came many on archo server quit with roll back, if want quit go head it was more then just this anyway.
    Boo hoo ya spent a fortune and now others can compete against you.
    Is a damn game quit taking it so serious and have fun
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    scoreing: pwi us

    0 0

    pwi messed up -100 0
    then they tried to make up for it 0 0
    then they messed that up -50 0
    yet at the same time, ppl are ungrateful 0 -50

    total scores pwi: -150 us: -50
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