So, anybody else upset with 'reincarnation' stuff?



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    I don't understand. I want to talk about global warming .

    It's getting warmer... and .... it's on a global scale.

    Happy to help.
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    will probably need some item from the Boutique (100+gold) to reincarnate b:laugh
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    Yep i have a feeling all this will be expensive. I have no real desire to change my veno and until i fully see what we are getting and if it is worth it. I'm still confused to.

    Cleric/Seeker i am not gonna be worried about.
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    I think since this so called reincarnation stuff comes I think they will do something to ff so these "noob areas on the map" will be full again,because as long as FF is around with no lvl req. for it,i don't see anything happening in the noob areas,just back to ff as usual.
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    b:laugh Wouldn't it be funny if reincarnation wasn't an option, it just happens if you're 100+ when you log in for the first time after the upcoming update.b:laugh And just for laughs they level lock FF so every 100+ char is forced to redo it all over again OMG so hilariousb:laugh that would be one way to guarantee low level areas would be full again b:laugh
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    The reincarnation system is required to learn any of the new skills updates coming with this upcoming expansion, so yes we're getting it. The server records your highest level reached on the toon you're reincarnating. So if you're 103, you're always 103. Upon reincarnation you gain the ability to use any gears with a level requirement you've already met. So you can use your lvl 100+ rings and ornaments, capes etc at level 1. You still have to get the stat requirements for armors and weapons though. From what I understand and have been told, they reincarnation system China designed can do a max of 10 reincarnations, but at this time you will be limited to 2. You will also get upon reincarnation 2x exp permanently, and a red book with gears and what not to help you with your cultis and such from 9-99. If I was reading the update thread on the forums correctly. So all this means for players who've already reached end-game. Reincarnate, plvl yourself to use your r9s3 or nirvi s3 gears, warsoul w/e you have. I calc'd it out I'll need to be 80 to use my r9s3 gears again cuz of the stats. So like a day or two spent in FF.
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    It might be interesting :p

    I don't know about cultivation though. I don't remember seeing anything mentioned about having to re-do it. If we have to re-do it then it would be pretty lame. I liked it but after doing it on alts so many times...meh lol.
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