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Endgame Seeker Gear

Yzdrazil - Raging TideYzdrazil - Raging Tide Posts: 40 Arc User
edited August 2013 in Seeker
So I am looking for the absolute BEST Seeker endgame gear possible, with tomes, gear, wep, socket stones, capes and build on etacomb. Problem is: I can't find it. Anyone got info on this? I'm going mainly for PvE purposes, like solo FC, grinding etc..

Don't worry about my money, I just want to know what to aim for.b:pleased
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  • WannaBM - ArchosaurWannaBM - Archosaur Posts: 1,984 Arc User
    edited August 2013
    You gonna spend 10.000 $ or more (if you want absolute best, it may well be possible to spend more i guess) to solo FC ?

    I guess its rather simple:
    full r9.3
    Crown of Maddness
    Wings of ascension
    Badge of the cube: defiance (elemental)
    Star Destiny
    Emperor tome
    everything refined +12
    everything sharded JOSD except weapon, there the +100dmg shards
    Everything i write is from PvE perspective unless mentioned otherwise.
  • Asishi - ArchosaurAsishi - Archosaur Posts: 146 Arc User
    edited August 2013
    Pretty much what he said, though Heaven Ravager and Heaven Ravager Helm would be another viable option for helm/cape as endgame gear. Slightly differently overpowered. As for soloing FC, you need a fraction of that. Don't bother for that purpose.

    Technically if you wanted higher defense still, you could drop the R9R3 belt for an elemental Destroyer, but you'd lose 28 atk levels in doing so (most of the set bonus), and the Destroyer is about 980m at current market prices on Archosaur, doubt it'd be any cheaper elsewhere. And that's before refines, which the R9R3 belt can't get.

    AKA this is horribly excessive and you should probably injure yourself preventatively if you're actually considering doing it.
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