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Flyng speed upgrade

calicoslimcalicoslim Posts: 3 Arc User
edited July 2013 in Blademaster
I is there another way to upgrade my flyng speed or to purchase another flyng sword without spending real money in game?
I really want to fly faster.
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  • Jaabg - SanctuaryJaabg - Sanctuary Posts: 2,256 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    you can purchase swords from other players, boutique. You can use the flying speed upgrade mat to upgrade the speed of your sword as well. Check the boutique for the item, not recommended because it is usually cheaper to buy the same speed sword from a player. Unless you want a specific look on a sword. Upgrades are done at 1k streams.
  • PotatoHeadQR - DreamweaverPotatoHeadQR - Dreamweaver Posts: 2,507 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    you can buy anything from the boutique without paying real money: you buy gold in the auction house with in-game coin (check for guides)
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  • PlsStahp - SanctuaryPlsStahp - Sanctuary Posts: 20 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    yes you can. the max speed for any flyer is 3.30 and that's the most expensive flyers out there costing you about 40mil-100mil depending on your server.

    normal 3.00 flyers cost 8-15mil depending on server and sales.

    if you have a level 60+ character, you might want to consider heading to NW (nation wars) on Fridays and Sundays to farm that money to be able to upgrade your flyer/purchase a faster one.

    there are also wind widgets in the boutique capable of upgrading your flyer's speed but the flyer you use must be upgradeable so yeah if you have the means to get a flyer, get it. its a worthy investment b:victory
  • Sakubatou - SanctuarySakubatou - Sanctuary Posts: 4,001 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    Check Auction House, where you'll pay coin farmed in game instead of gold.

    AH is your friend.
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