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NoooooobZ - SanctuaryNoooooobZ - Sanctuary Posts: 43 Arc User
edited July 2013 in Blademaster
I just acquired demon bell and demon magic marrow will this help to kill him any easier, also I've been told to use defense charms which ones should I use mage or phys any tips to solo him will be appreciated, I can't post build atm since im on my fone but my build is posted in a forum titled 3-x
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  • Xainou - SanctuaryXainou - Sanctuary Posts: 5,369 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    Logic says go with mag def charms, since those got a cooldown and he only magic attacks once in a while, opposed to constant physical slaps...?

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  • Jaabg - SanctuaryJaabg - Sanctuary Posts: 2,256 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    You need 2 things to solo this boss. Luck+more luck.

    You only need to watch out for his aoe debuff. You can avoid that two times, maybe 3+ depending on your skills. Once you ad, the other time you use an apoc. You can spark resist, but that depends on your timing.

    Use a mdef charm with your auto-pot option, and keep phy marrow up, the boss won't be that hard to kill. It is the aoe debuff that makes him hard to kill.

    Once debuffed sometimes he just piles things on, reduced hp, reduced pdef, ep, and does his whacky hit that one shots you.
  • Desdi - SanctuaryDesdi - Sanctuary Posts: 8,680 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    Hi there noobz b:chuckle

    That boss is really nasty and yeah, do you need a bit of luck. I think your best bet is to go try it out though.
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