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Need advice

mrw89mrw89 Posts: 0 Arc User
edited July 2013 in Blademaster
So I'm lvl 100 bm only doing pve things
what the best gears for pve to do bhs with big pulls like Lunar and delta

This my axes gears:

This my aps gears:
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  • Sakubatou - SanctuarySakubatou - Sanctuary Posts: 4,001 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    Crazy you even need to ask rather than think for yourself.

    Tanking set: 8.4k hp, 16k pdef, 5.8k mdef
    Aps set: 7.6k hp, 14.8k pdef, 4.1k mdef.

    Just on those number you should be able to figure it out. And which is your aoeing set to try and keep aggro after a large pull? Your best aoes are with your axes, and therefore your best paint heals.
    Seven 100+ characters leveled the hard way. Free to play. Mystic, Psychic, and Wizard left to level. b:victory
  • Morridune - Raging TideMorridune - Raging Tide Posts: 239 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    +1 Sakubatou

    lunar and delta u rly should be in Tank/AoE set for everything cept bosses and if you have decent DD's with you then rly should only "need" to switch if ur struggling to manage ur chi
  • QontroL - SanctuaryQontroL - Sanctuary Posts: 11 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    if you only do PvE and ur not interrested in single target dmg u dont need dex, accuracy only becomes a real issue in PvP.

    Str means ull deal more dmg + heal more from bloodpaint

    Vit means u wont get bursted down so fast that u dont even get the chance to bloodpaint

    As soon as u pull a group of decent size u shud automatically heal to full health with a single axe AoE so technically u dont rly need much str either, so Vit shud be ur priority...cuz Str will help u keep aggro...but with those Axes there's no way ull keep aggro on G16/r9/r999 even with 1000 Str.
  • Jaabg - SanctuaryJaabg - Sanctuary Posts: 2,256 Arc User
    edited July 2013
    Techincal stuff

    Marry me b:dirty, tag ntb b:cute.

    On to OP's question, disregard the above about vit b:laugh. If refining is too hard to get, look into keeping 2 sets of rings and ornaments. One for mag and one for phy mobs.

    When i pull phy mobs, my gear is mostly phy def orientated. When i pull mag mobs it is mdef, hp stuff.

    Most of the times, majority of the hurt comes from one of those two types. Identify which ones hurts you, put that marrow on, learn how the bm works with that marrow in that group, if that is too hard do it marrowless.

    The quicker mobs die, less you have to see them whack you. That requires str.

    In the beginning you will be squishy, but it does get more fun. Previously it used to take me hf+2 skills to mobs. Now i kill them with 1~2 skills, no hf. I farm faster, i use better axes. Might want to think which axes you want to go for.
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