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Seeker Vit and Dex Cap!!

XFireversalX - Raging TideXFireversalX - Raging Tide Posts: 98 Arc User
edited June 2013 in Seeker
Hey guys, iv'e recently come back from a one year (ish) hiatus, and have been looking into this Seeker class. Now I need help with the stat build. If you guys can, would you post your own vit and dex cap and provide info on why you chose to cap at that point. (This can be used as a reference for many newbies that come into the game). For me, I was thinking of caping vit at 30 and dex at around 140-- and if I felt that my HP was lacking maybe cap vit at 60. From what iv'e read, a lot of vit is necessary for lower lvls and around lvl 100 you switch to Dex build for crits and etc. Please comment on my build, thank you for your time. Cheers!

-FireVersalXx b:victory
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